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I aint afraid of all them fuckin skulls and altars and shit

Enter the last place you will ever be
Take a look at the last four walls you will ever see
The doctor is prepped for this unnecessary
Procedure to take place this twisted surgery
Broken suture left you bloody with a broken jaw
You will never whisper a word of the horrors you saw
I come to stab you and grab you with scalpel and claw
And it’s sad how I hand you the shortest straw
Surgical addiction causes friction within the hive mind
My affliction and attrition causes bones to grind
I can’t think straight everything is a goddamned blur
Ritualistic and sadistic I wear your skin like a fur
Body dumped in the moat
Off the side of a stolen boat
On my black wall is the head of a goat
I devote
My every ounce
Of demonic prowess
To the pounce
To the moment I devour your stress
A priest cannot bless
Insane and under duress
So I snap when I slip I may stumble you may crumble
It’s like that when I grip your throat you get humble
But just wait it’s too late now we got to rumble
Can’t see your eyes for the trees in my concrete jungle
Lacerated cornea blinds your eye
Eviscerated violated and left there to die
Spiders and maggots then soon comes a fly
To alight on your carcass kiss this world goodbye
I pillage and plunder and it is no wonder
Walking in my door was your last blunder
Before your spine cracked like thunder
This dark spell that I put you under
Keeps you awake but asunder
As ligaments tear and cartilage severs
I push all the buttons I pull all the levers
On this heavy duty industrial torture machine
I am the monster from your worst bad dream
I am the bastard in the night that snacks on your spleen
I am the cruelest master of all that’s obscene
I am hatred so pure you can never find a cure
I am the rusty bear trap and the barbed fishing lure
In your flesh the wounds fresh and my barbed wire mesh
Holds you in this prison as I shatter every prism
Within my decision to slice you apart with surgical precision

I am emptiness so complete you will beg at my feet
I am the grinder bitch you are the meat
You can never survive or escape here alive
I plan and I plot and dissect and contrive
All hope has been smashed you’ll go out with the trash
Every skull that I bash sold to a cult for cash
The remains get lit up and burned to ash
Now I’m ready for the next victim come on lets clash

You see my flow is like water

Strict9Mind and MorbidMac

There is no other

Pop your skull open like a coconut oh yeah that’s a tasty treat
I got a slaughterhouse in the trunk of my car I say it’s time we meet
Face to face with no disgrace I end this race your body gone
Without a trace
Or a trail or a note or a prayer or a care and I dare you
To try and stare through
Into my oblivion
My obelisk is obsidian
Black as night but twice as dark
See how I ignite but without a spark
Spontaneous combustion Trip Hop destruction
Leads to this eruption of cruel instruction
Deducted from the human equation
Even as I speak your eardrums suffer my invasion
Leaving an abrasion upon your empty soul
You dug this hole so now I take control
Underground like a mole sent to penetrate
More like a sleeper awakened to annihilate
So that I might invigorate the state of contempt and hate
I am being way too verbose I don’t mean to pontificate
Let’s start over with a clean slate
Otherwise I’ll be forced to calculate the best way to eliminate
Your spark of life
Your source of strife
My razor knife
See it slices through your frontal lobe
Gets you from behind like a greyling with an anal probe
And my strobe light isn’t from a rave
More my ravings stave off even the brave
Die at my feet or live as my slave
This is your choice
Pied I am the piper now follow my voice
Right off of this short cliff
It is my wish to leave you cold and stiff
Take a final whiff
That is the smell of death
I laugh as you choke on your last breath


My flow is like water

Children are led

Like lambs to the slaughter

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