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Memories of sorrow never leave...They only hide..

Am: After

Teeth, Glittering teeth, and eyes, full of attitude.
These are the words I use to describe my sister, usually. But at that moment, I couldn’t describe her like that, I could only describe her in one way: Monster. This thing was no longer my sister. Nevertheless She continued to grin in a way that shook me to the core, It was her hunting grin.
“sweetheart,” She sneered “My little sister, gonna try and over power me”
“Ro.” I said, voice hard and without emotion. “How could you?”
“I loved him” She moaned “in a way you can’t understand”
“you where meant to love me” I Shrieked, “Now, we fight.”

She smiled, and started to transform, into a beautiful wolf, but at the same time, it was unnatural, because I knew it was her, the way the wolf held itself, the look in its eyes. Just its eyes, the distinct shade of violet the were, the colour that no one elses in the world was. Apart from mine. We where Identical, identical to the core. We did everything together, everything.

Then, I pushed all the emotion, all the love for my sister aside, and we began to fight. Blades crashing against claws. She continued to manically grin and slashed a claw across my chest, forcing me back until I fell to the floor. Just as she was about to pounce, I slid away, she landed in the space where I had just been. I Jumped up and roundhoused her in the head, she stumbled, giving me just enough time the leap forward and slam my blade into her chest, repeatedly. I cried as I did it.
Wiping the blade off on jeans I took the necklace from her neck, gently, and put it around mine, it found its other half and they laced together in unison, thats what I love about binding spells, when the necklace finds its other half, the come together and form a new necklace, a necklace that says whatever you want it to say, Forms into whatever you want it to form into.

I Slipped into my childhood memories,
“Come on, Rosalie, lets go home” I whine
“oh hush, am.” My sister growls, swinging her legs off the bridge, “it’s gonna be fun”
I swallow my fear “Alright then”
She pulls me off the bridge and we hurtle into the water, water splashes everywhere as we fall further and further down, Rosalie refuses to let go of me, grinning as we rush up to the surface
“fun?” She laughs “or what?”
“Scary, but fun” I smile, a tiny smile that tugs at the corners of my mouth.
“Lets go home now” the sunlight reflects off her bright red hair,
“home” I agree as we scramble out of the water.
“I love you Ro” I whisper
“Love you to, am”
We entwine our hands and start the long walk home.

Rosalie: Before.

I sigh as I turn the corner, my apartment sits at the end of a incredibly long hallway, up two flights of stairs, Not easy to get up with a twisted ankle and about a several dozen cuts covering my arms and legs. They probably needed stitches too.

Regardless, I start to climb, pain every time I move my body. By the time I had reached my flat, with many stops along the way, I was aching and tears where escaping from my eyes.
A hand shoots out and pulls me into a room, a slender hands, nails painted black, I spin round and see someone. Startling Midnight blue hair falling in loose curls around her face, Red witch eyes, they made her look pretty, even if they where creepy.
“Am” I sighed “Don’t sneak up on me”
“Sneak up on you” Am, my sister, laughs. Her laughter’s like shards of tinkling glass “Sneak up on Rosalie, its not possible”
I winced as she wrapped a arm around my waist. She glared at me, gaze burning into me.
She. Was. Angry.

To Be Continued...
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