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Here i have discussed about why we should o for casual in office too.
What a college represents? Simply, a future of nation with lot of freshness inside, joy inside and happiness inside. But what is there which actually shows it? First of all it’s people there, the young and bright people but what is next which show off it more, and that is the their freedom! Freedom to talk, freedom to do whatever they want, freedom to think and freedom to wear!! And that is where casual is chosen over formal! And that’s the first story behind casual dress. Here casual dress represents livens in youth.
What a holiday represents? A time when we do what we purely enjoy in doing, we do it with full concentration, we don’t want to misuse a single second even on that day. And what we chose to wear on that day ...a pure casual dress ...because here it shows that we are enjoying what we are doing. This is a second story behind casual dress.
Guys the most important question is, “what is office?” A place where we do many deals, where we take many important decisions, where we have to plan many things, where we have to impress many peoples, where we want to show our best, where we spend our most of life...and there we wear what .. a formal dress! Now formal dress is not a bad dress sense because many girls like more boys in formal! But the question arises for those who like casual. Despite of showing all these things stated above a casual dress is avoided in office. And if casual dress is allowed, then only one day in a week. I ask why not more than that?
As we all know the office is the final battle of life, and that is the place for a buddy where he has to show whatever he have learnt in his academics, this is the place where all his college education and all school knowledge come in use. Making that place dull or little boring by using formal dress code is absolutely a bad idea!
My idea is that why not we allow formal more than a day in a week say 3 days in a week and make this place a more live full area where creativity comes out of you. Because it will not make the place boring at all and also will maintain the decorum of the office.
Guys, we work because we want our future bright, our nation’s future bright, our world’s future bright and that will be brighter if we make our work more enjoyable, more live. And allowing casual dress for more days in a week will be first initiative towards it!
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