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A Hot short bit on the tattoo life and the styles therein.
body art
by peter lesniowski

i thought of how it was when i made off with all the money
i acted like a real piece of work
and my picture ended up all messed up and beat down
yeah all beat ta hell

i thought of how it used to feel and how i used to just look people in the eye
and think nothing of it
and not even care what zone they were getting into
it don't even mean nothing to nobody but me

speaking of outlandish how are you's and would you like to get hitched?
what tensions there are in the air affair to remove like a bad ink tattoo.

i thought of her body and what it got me into like a big shot of  who are you?
no, i'm not drinking today, but if i was...get the big bottle.
not for nerves or to cope...just to get there a little better.
just to get going all right

shiny thing captain Kirk on the bridge and off the cuff
get in the chair Kirk, get some hollywood goop on your shoulder and smile and watch as the man works on you
get all goopy and good as best as you can
relax and just keep on paying all your cash for all your addictive drives as the drives go go go

what onamonapetia there is in her mind
speaking on oneness again, there is power in the blood

it says what the hell are you doing to my mind?
you know what you're doing here ace...don't b.s. an artist
it says what have you done and become and be known

there is money in the wallet and on the card there are lies and spies and drugs and loves
and thieves and killers and teardrops and scorpion dragon jesus'es
hey man what is what its just
my body and it's probably not even mine so sit back happy and watch the world fly.

watch the world fly.

October 29, 2011
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