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My entry for the "Dear Me" 2012 contest.
Dear Me,

         You and I have some things to work on for the year 2012. Let me tell you what it is We have to do, and how to do it.

1. We need to set a goal of reaching the 2000 Reviews Sent count. We already have almost 1,600 at the moment, so by doing around 40 per month, or about 10 per week, or at least two reviews a day, we should be able to easily reach it, or even higher. *Star* Got 2000 reviews.

2. We ought to get some more of our short stories and poems published. Remember, You have that Lulu account, http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/alockwood1 and We have posted a few things there, our Monster Cowboys story and some of our Poems. Ah, now you remember, we did set it up with the help of Linda and that one client of hers after all.

3. We need to work on some of our stories on Writing.com. In Eggnog and Werewolves, we’ve gotten to the point where Lucy the werewolf and Julia the human have just had sex. We need to figure out how to end it; does Lucy eat Julia or will she turn her into a werewolf? So you best get to jotting down some ideas. Then there are our interactives- some of those story branches need more written in them, like the UED soldier and the Blood Elf in our Star/WarCraft interactive. We can ask people to add to them, and maybe give them an incentive to do so, like 100 Gift Points per addition, or some such thing, but put down certain qualifications- like good grammar and spelling to get it. *Halfstar* Been working on some. Further Update- 1/27/14- Did Eggnog and Werewolves Part 3.

4. We also need to work on our stuff on Deviant Art. In our Felarya story, Zena has been injured by that arrow and can’t get it out due to her rapid-healing ability. We need to get her to a town that has a wizard to get it out. Then there is our Zombie Day story: Doctor Thief has been reunited with his family after serving his time in prison only to find out that zombies are real. Also, a bank robbery is going on at the same time, so he has to deal with all of that. *Halfstar* See number 3.

5. Also, there’s all of those other ideas We’ve got, like that Pern story based off of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series, and that story based off of Gordon R. Dickson’s The Dragon Knight series, not to mention all of those other stories floating around in our head, including ones you want to enter into contests, like a Historical Fiction story about our one ancestor whom our one half-aunt thought was of Irish Royalty, but in reality he was a Rumrunner, and don’t forget that one Cross-Genera contest- got an idea about our two characters from Army of Men and Monsters having some fun in the bed. *Halfstar* See number 3.Further Update Did Army of Men and Monsters story.

6. We also need to find ourselves a job. We can’t spend the rest of our lives at home. We’ve sent out applications to several places, and there is that guy who is out there helping us. Of course, we do have a few problems; people aren’t hiring, and, while we do have transportation, we don’t know how to drive. We can’t do much about the “No Hiring” part, but we can do something about the driving part. *Star* Got Job.

7. Learn to drive. There’s a Driver’s Education book somewhere in that room of ours. Find it and get to reading it. After that, find some old junker that doesn’t go more than twenty miles per hour, and practice driving with that. Of course, failing the old car method, we do have family members who own tractors- I don’t believe a license is required for driving in a field. After that, find some classes, take them, and we’ll get a permit, and a few months after that, a license. Further Update- Been taking lessons

8. We need to get in better shape- We weigh close to 270 pounds, and gaining. We need to do something- after all, heart problems and diabetes runs in the family. We do have that Gym Membership, but all you’ve been using it on is a few leisurely laps in the pool. Instead of the pool, work in the machines in the Life Fitness room- should be fairly easy to do, and since you do tend to eat healthy, most of that weight is water, and that should be gone within a few months, if you stick to the machines and stay away from excess sugars and fats, and certain carb-loaded foods. That means you’re going to limit yourself on the chicken wings- I know you love them, but too many of them will kill you. Of course, ever since Honest Johns removed wings from the buffet, and we’ve been going to Subway and eating their chicken subs, which are made with breast meat, we have been eating healthier, and still enjoying our favorite foods. Of course, we might have to limit ourselves on the pop- those free refills will add on the sugar and carbs. If we can do this, we should be able to lose twenty pounds, or at least keep off the extra weight. *Halfstar* Been exercising at least 4 times a week- brother's a pain though.

9. Find a girlfriend. Um, that one might be tricky, as there isn’t many young women our age where we live, and we don’t know too many peoples' phone numbers and email addresses. Also, our grooming issues might put some off. To counter that, brush teeth daily, put on deodorant, comb hair, dress nice, and when you meet someone, be polite, and ask for their name and number/email address. While it might not get you a girlfriend, it should get us some friends.

10. Become a Preferred Author (Yellow Case) on Writing.com. That one might also be tricky, as there are certain requirements. Also, don’t forget, you were on that “Probation” thing for two years. However, if you help out, give plenty of good quality reviews, and stay out of trouble, there is a chance you could become Yellow. Of course, even if you don’t make Yellow, helping out and being friendly and using courtesy will help you to get friends who will help you in times of trouble.*Star* Made it to Preferred Author Status in May 2018

11. See about getting those books to complete our Redwall and Dragon Knight sets. That’s only seven books total. They can be found on Amazon for a good price, some of them dirt cheap. Of course we do need some money- setting up a personal bank account would help, and not only for getting the books, but paying for other things. *Halfstar* Got all of the Dragon Knight series. I also have a bank account. 3 more Redwall books to go. Further Update Own all Redwall books

12. Final Goal- Win First Place in the Dear Me writing contest. Let’s see here: Do you have an item? Working on it right now. Is it a static item? It will be when I post it. Is it creative? I guess I could color some of it. Is it believable? It looks like it to me. Is it feasible? Some things might not come to fruition by the end of 2012, like becoming a Preferred Author, getting a girlfriend, or getting a job but even the steps to try and get them will help out in the long run. Spelling and Grammar? Some things may be underlined in red, and others in green, at least on Word, but I think everything is correct. Is it started with “Dear Me”? It most certainly is. 2000 words or less? It will be when I’m done, and Word Count will be at the bottom. 13+ or less? It looks like a 13+ item to me. Submitted only once? Once it’s submitted it will be. Paid Membership? I have it, and it does extend to beyond February 15, 2012. *Halfstar* I didn't win this round.

Well, I guess we’ll see how we do, both in the “Dear Me” contest, and the Year 2012 itself. *Bigsmile*

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