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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Action/Adventure · #1842075
A twisted story with betrayal, thrill, and suspension
-Biostigma X-series-

That was what the New Alteration Cell Production Group was all about. The head-scientist, Dr. Mack Johnstein, was the genius who invented this "cure". The N.A.C.P.G. aimed at reviving and enhance inanimate soldiers from battle to the point of ability to perform supernatural powers. These altered soldiers, after being tested and confirmed safe, will eventually used for battles with the Great Republic Korean Army.

Only if the "cure" works.

And it hasn't so far.

Dr. Mack Johnstein called to his assistant, "Dr. Gaga, please prepare the next specimen for our last attempt." He was a middle-aged man-a little short for a man, but with a famed intellect. Behind the glass panel, Dr. Johnstein noticed that the dead soldier was a young blonde female, in her early twenties, with a rank of 2nd Lieutenant. The tag on her uniform read: 2nd Lieutenant Jane Hilton of the S.A.S.

Mack Johnstein turned to his colleague, Dr. Annilis Jihad, and ordered, "Eject the Biostigma X6." White fumes and smoke covered the soldier as Dr. Jihad pushed the "EJECT" button. As the smoke was clearing out, the scientists of the N.A.C.P.G. noticed a movement from the specimen. "It's a success, doctor!" "We finally did it!" they exclaimed. However, the head-scientist raised his hand to silence them. He squinted his eyes to get a better view at the specimen. Yes, she revived, but something was off with her. Something he couldn't explain. With the smoke gone, the soldier was clearly visible. The head-scientist gasped. He knew this could have happened, but he didn't consider its consequences because it had such a low possibility. "Alert the colonel immediately," directed Dr. Johnstein. But it was all too late. The alarm went off, and what happened Jane Hilton can't be stopped. Forever.

* * *
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