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A moment with which I spent time with a spirit....
Its funny the things you find that make your heart feel good..
As we lie on her sleigh bed our bodies wrong with the appropriate head to the footboard.
The dog lying between us closely spooned in with my mother she's a sunken piece of the black furry duvet
This moment is warm with itself
I've noticed the balloon my mother received for her birthday from her fiance 3 months ago is up against the wall and still afloat
its quietly energetic as is bounces and moves in full as high as the string will allow and some give
It sways so very left and crosses around and to the right
Bobbing as if it knows how stale its helium is but will not surrender
My mother's mother passed away one month before my mothers birthday
Nana as we call her and as she will be forever in our hearts loved balloons
Most of her adult life spent in a hospital as her life was engulfed by this disease
She received balloons here and there but more toward the end
These balloons accumulated and her entire little living rooms decorated and tacked up with them she found them to be a thing that made her heart feel good
I directed my mothers attention to the erratically moving balloon pointing out its silent and loud state
I also told her how funny it was the feeling I had suddenly when I noticed its attention and when I realized how stale its helium shouldve been that nana loved balloons
The coincidence was beautiful and my mother and I just stared at it
We knew what was being done here
It was funny to find something that made our hearts feel good....
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