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by Abby
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Every day I see the world around me and wish for things to be just a little bit better.
Where do we stand to judge one another,
To hurt and disrespect each other?
Who are we to always hate,
To pick and choose others against whom to discriminate?

Why do some lose their lives,
Driven to the point of suicide?
Words of hate passing through their ears:
The last words some will ever hear.

Who are they to bring some down?
To kick the helpless to the ground?
To prod and mock those who aren't the same,
And for all of their problems use the innocent to blame?

Who am I to look away,
To not find something to them to say?
To not spread a message of unity and love?
To let the hate ring out from rooftops above?

A message of love and truth and peace,
A message I offer to you at your feet,
A prophecy meant to cure the globe,
A prophecy to hopefully give some hope:

People sharing the world with people,
A world where humans don't prey on the weaker.
A world with no outcasts to be mistreated,
A world where you and I can live as equals.

That is my hope, my dream, my prayer,
A wish that lingers like mist in the air.
This is simply my single request,
Because if we have peace, we can deal with the rest.
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