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My wonderful feeling when i played violin for the first time in public successfully.
I have been learning to play violin for the last three years. To play violin well seems to be the only thing on my mind. I practice everyday but last month when my teacher asked me all on a sudden to play in the school concert i avoided it. But when my friends said that they are arranging a concert and i have to play , i could not refuse them . Because you know if the friends decide something they will make you do it.

So they gave me the recording of a beautiful song named 'My Mentor And I', and i had to pick up the tune, melody and background music, both. I had 15 days' time for preparation. That was enough for me , i thought. The first two days i listened to the song a good number of times. I wanted to understand its basic scale. its rhythm and tempo as well. I picked up the first few lines of the melody on the second day and rehearsed it with another friend. But then the devil struck.

I fell ill with fever, cough and cold .Though it was a common flu, it left me weak for full three days when i could not touch my violin. Tensions and scaring thoughts of failure lurked on my mind. I could visualize what would happen if i could not perform to the standard everybody expected. I prayed for strength and confidence. As i gained strength naturally, I took a vow to meet the challenge with might and prowess. Cause I cannot let my audience go home disappointed. So began my arduous task of listening to the song, picking up the tune in the violin and taking notations along with it .But I rejoiced also as i entered into a world of new horizon where creativity and joy of living get mingled together. For the last two days i practiced with an intensity and vigor that surprised me even. So much mettle was within me ..i thought to myself. The song was an English one based on A Minor Scale and as the background music the composer used the scale's arpeggio in a varied way. Taking notations was a new experience for me also. I talked to my teacher about this and he praised my efforts and wished me success.

I picked up the tune completely and started rehearsing again and again. My spirit soared high as i played the song and i hummed the tune all day gleefully when i did not practice. It was an inspirational song to move forward in life with courage and wisdom and love for everyone. This song captured everyone's heart.

Then finally the D-Day came. Our function started in time. All my friends sang the song and i accompanied them in violin . When i played the background music they remained mute. Everything went on well. At the end, I could hear claps and 'thank you's. My heart leapt up in joy that knew no bounds. Indeed i met with success! And what a wonderful feeling was this!
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