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Not much concrete imagery here, just a tangible feel...
Scrub your skin with moon dust
Pile shadows in the corner
Gather the light around your shoulders
We will fly
Perhaps we will harness the elusive air
Ride its careless winds to places
only it has ever seen
Perhaps we’ll wander aimlessly
Through it’s voluptuous dreams
Golden children with silver hair
We tiptoe through the music’s lair
To the music’s beat

I watch you
A child yourself made of moon dust
Reflecting all the light around you

There is something like softness in the sound
Of a woman’s voice, when she sings
Like dew dies in the morning sun I evaporate
With the only choice that loving soft sunlight brings

We have danced through the mysteries of the Universe
As barefoot children
Dabbling our toes and fingertips
In its cosmic fountains

I am addicted to her
And hiding
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