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Your the daughter of the Pope!
        Pope Francis was very liberal. He had always been a man of the people.
        Weren't the Apostles married? Did Jesus marry Marry Magdalene?
        His daughter Lorain felt so .. She had been a dirty secret and wanted to
        be free of the lies as free as a bird. But, the Vatican would never allow it.
        Pope Francis would not even answer her letters. . She received a small
        allowance from a charity for orphan girls in Argentina. And had been raised
        by a foster family. Lorain knew all along the truth about her mother and a
        young idealistic priest. No one denied it. No one, but the Vatican.

        "Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,
        Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,
        Aquarius.... Pisces." Lorain studied her Zodiac.

        "Twelve. Twelve Apostles. Twelve tribes of Israel." she pondered.

          "December 25 ... Jesus was really born in June, but December is the
          twelfth month. Judas was the thirteenth Apostle. And this is the thirteenth
          year of Christ's two thousands birthday in the constellation of Capricorn."
          Lorain was fascinated with astrology and had studied Kabbalah :
          a Jewish mysticism that seeks to understand God through astrology and
          the ancient text of the Book of Adam.

          Lorain was convinced that her father, Pope Francis,
          was the Black Pope, who serves the Anti-Christ. She had developed
          an occult conspiracy theory, which she had read on Alex Jones
          Info.wars website. "The Anti-Christ will appear to be a good man.
          He will have many solutions to the problems of the world.
          He will rise up to absolute power over every nation and then he
          will unchain Satan from the pit of Hell with the key that only the Pope
          possesses." Lorain made this dire prediction and added,
          "December 25, 2013 will begin the rise of the Anti-Christ."

          Lorain took Alex Jones to a cave in Jerusalem, where Jesus walked
          into Hell and freed the innocent, who had not known the Messiah.
          "Hell is on Earth!" Lorain explained and pointed down the cave.
          Alex Jones vowed to enter the cave and walk into Hell, but he never did.
          Lorain asked his viewers to write letters to the Pope asking him to
          acknowledge his illegitimate daughter and the gateway to Hell.
          "The Pope has the key to Heaven and Hell! But, he will not except me
          as his daughter." Lorain sobbed on the Infowars.com.

          Lorain moved to Kansas City to live a simple life.
          She was aware of the Triton missal silos amongst the flat plains of wheat.
          "Israel has 300 nuclear missiles!" she shouted at the protest outside the Triton
          missile base. "They cannot withstand a first strike! The City of Peace will
          turn the middle east to glass!" she shouted as police zipped tied her hands
          and pushed her into an unmarked white van.

          Lorain's last public words were broadcasted on Fox News ~

                      "American terrorist, The Weathermen, protest at
                      military missal base." the Fox reporter stated.

          Lorain was deported to the Vatican.
          The Pope embraced her and then cloistered her in a nunnery.
          She was permitted no visitors.


              70 x 70

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