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Can there be peace in the Bible land?

            Zionism is the belief that God chose the Jews to rule the world.
            When Moses found the "Primissed Land" it had 10 Arab tribes in it.
            Moses never set foot in the promissed land.
            But, God commanded Joshua and the Jews to slaughter the Arab tribes.

            Isaiah  13:16  ~

                                      "Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes.
                                      Their homes will be looted
                                      And their wives violated."

            Hosea 13:16  ~

                                      "The people of Sameria must bear their guilt,
                                      because they have rebelled against their God.
                                      They will fall by the sword.
                                      Their children will be dashed to the ground,
                                      Their pregnant women ripped open."

            Nahum 3:10  ~

                                        "Yet she (Alexandria) was then captive
                                        and went to exile.
                                        Her infants were dashed to pieces at every street corner.
                                        Lots were cast for her nobles,
                                        and all her great men were put to death."

          Palms 136:8-9  ~

                                        "Blessed be they that take and dash thy babies
                                        against the rock."

          Unfortunately, Zionism still exists in Israel.
          There are many conservative Jews in the Israeli government,
          who want Old Testament justice against the Arabs.
          This time, however, the wrath of God is nuclear.
          Isreal has 300 nuclear weapons and can anihilate all the tribes of Arabia.
          I think this is a real and present threat to all life on this planet.

          But, I am a Jew.
          I pray that Isreal does fall and burn the world with it.
          I do not know if there is a God or if this is God's plan.
          It is terrible.


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