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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1931285
Hi, I'm the surpreme being or colective unconscious.
        "We have been patient .. and what do we have?" the Origin spoke with universal consent.
        "What do you want? There is only one God, who else can be perfect?" Rabbi Jesus replied.+
        "Do I have a word? I know I'm just your mother. And you can ignor me, but there is something wrong
        with a world that gives a reality show to Paris Hilton and lets the world go to Hell. Are you lissening?"
        the Maddon spoke from her radiant cloud with her blue hasijim on.
        "Ma. I know what's happening. Just except the fact that these kids nowadays are messed up in the head.
        What do you want me to do? I rose from the dead for Christ sake! Now, I'm suppose to make another appearence?
        Please. Let's just stay in Florida." Jesus streatched back on his lawn chair and enjoyed the sunny day.

                                      "Get up! It is the time of reckoning!" the Origin commanded.

        Jesus sighed and put his US Magazine down and stood up. "Now what?" he queeried.
        "Don't talk that way to your father!" Maddona smacked Jesus on the back of the head.
        "Do you know how much I hate that?" Jesus retorted.  "Yes." Marry answered with a Maddona smile.
        "So, dad you make us immortal, but none of our friends or Apostles. What are you trying at?
        I've spent 2,0000 years with my mothah. Is this Hell?" Jesus raises his hands to God and Maddona smacks
        the back of his head again.

                                      "If I need your advise I'll ask for it. Now, go on Fox News and declare yourself God."
                                      the Origin spoke like thunder.

          "Are you insane? I am not going to be crucified again." Jesus took a gulp of his beer.
          "You are going to respect your father!" Maddona hollard and grabbed the beer from Jesus.

                                        "You can't be crucified. Your immortal! Idiot." the Origin sighed and transported
                                        His son to Fox News Miami.

          "So, I think all muslims should be put in camps. Rosevelt did it." Ann Coulter remarked in a Fox News round table debate.
          "Ah-hem." Jesus popped out nothingness beside Ann, who screamed, "Security!"
          "Ah, I bring good news. .. I'm Jesus Christ and I'm going to give you world peace and Paradise on Earth." Jesus took a sip
          of Ann's water and gave a big toothy smile.
          "Your a nut job! Security!" Ann tried to stand up, but the Origin used His gravity to hold her.
          "Lissen to him. He's a good boy." the Maddona said off cammera.
          "Seriously? Is she wearing Hasijim? Who let the terrorist in?" Ann desperately tried to get out of her seat to no avail.

                                          "This is my Son, whom I am well pleased." a voice thundered in the studio.

          "Is that you Bernie? This is a joke right? I'm being punked?" Ann Coulter looked in all direction for an answer.
          Megan Ryan shook her head slowly no. She was hosting the panel on Islam in America.
          "Okay. Jesus. Show us a mirracle." Ann looked at Jesus feircely.
          Ann was tranformed into a colored lady.  She screamed, "My hair! I have an afro!"
          "Yes. So shall you remain." Jesus answered with a toothy smile. His smile was very bright against his black skin.
          "Oh, I think your lovely." Maddona said. She was a lady of color too.
          Magan looked off cammera to her producer, "Bernie?"

          This was the first announciation... on Fox News.

            Ah Men Rah.

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