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My response is detached and apprehensive.

      Did you ever feel uncomfortable around a person in religious dress?
      I do. But, I don't want a confrontation.
      Priest freak me out. There black suits and white collar remind me of
      the Exorcist movie. Nuns are just spooky. I was sent to CCD to learn
      about Catholic dogma and Nuns who beat me with rulers.

      Moslem women with headdress are scary. .. Sorry, but I can't block
      out all the terrorism perpetrated by Moslem extremists.
      Ironically, I have my mother's statue of the Virgin Mary and Mary is wearing
      a headdress. That was the tradition in Jesus' time.
      Men with turbans make me want to run to the nearest bomb shelter.
      Then again, the Shieks have been loyal to western ventures in
      India. They celebrate British holidays and the Queen's birthday.

      I really get itchy around rabbis. The ones with curls and dress like
      a Dutch jeweler from the middle ages are disturbing...
      But, my mom was Jewish so ~ okay? Oy.
      I like to pretend I'm Irish. My dad was Irish.
      Why do people wear such antiquated costumes?
      How about those pantalooms the royals wore in the 16th century?
      Is that fashionable? 

      In my humble opinion religious folks should dress normal.
      Stop pretending it's the 1st century... Jeeze!
      But, I'm not going to say that to their face... No-way-Hazues!
      Wouldn't people freak if women went topless in public?
      That was very common in ancient Rome and Greece... :)

      Just ranting...

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