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Is this all there is?

    Muzzy goes for a walk. Checks out the Dairy Queen..
    He walks some more with his ice cream cone and is rudely

          "What are you doing here?" a stranger asks.

          "Ehm? I'm just walking... Why?" Muzzy sees the man's gun.

          "I'm with the neighborhood watch. This is a color neighborhood.
          We've been having a lot of trouble with white hoodlems.
          Are you looking for trouble?" the bronze skinned man queried.

          "Nope." Muzzy smiles and turns around...

          "Keep your hands where I can see them!" the bronze man jumps
          on Muzzy and smashes the ice cream cone.

  Muzzy is arrested for trespassing in a gated color community. (?)

  Question: Is that fair?

  Just my two cents.


  PS: Jesus was a colored man.
          He was crucified between 2 thieves.
          It was all legal.+
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