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My currently active and most recent/notable items.

It can be difficult to navigate through someone's portfolio in an effort to find new writing, active items, and the things they're proud of. I've decided to create this appendix to put all of my current works and community activities, as well as the older stuff I'm most proud of, in one place where visitors can find everything quickly and easily.

For my newest works, I keep everything created during the current and previous calendar year in these folders:

2024  [E]
All the writing I've added to my portfolio in 2024.
by Jaeff | KBtW of the Free Folk

2023  [E]
All the writing I've added to my portfolio in 2023.
by Jaeff | KBtW of the Free Folk

For current groups and activities, please check out:

         "The Soundtrackers Group ASR: A community of writers who are inspired by music.
                    "The Soundtrack of Your Life 18+: Every February, you're invited to chronicle the music that has influenced your life!
                    "Musicology Anthology 13+: An annual challenge to write a short story collection based on an album! Runs April-June.
                    "Barrel of Monkeys E: An annual interlinked musical blogging challenge! Starts every September 1st.
                    "Resurrection Jukebox E: A yearly blogging challenge featuring cover songs and/or dead artists! Runs every October.
                    "12 Days of "Christmas" E: The holiday season is the perfect time for a holiday music challenge! Runs every December.
         "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon ASR: A NaNoWriMo fundraiser... compete as a NaNo writer or donate by sponsoring one!

For past work that I'm especially proud of, please check out:

         "Blogocentric Formulations 18+: My primary Writing.com blog.
         "Is Snail Mail Obsolete? ASR: An opinion piece on the value of snail mail letters. Wodehouse Challenge, Sept 2014.
         "A Politician's True Constituents ASR: An editorial that examines who politicians truly represent from their elected office.
         "The End is the Beginning 13+: Ten Years Ago in 2000 Entry - Sep 2010 - Where I was and what I was doing in the year 2000

Short Stories
         "Legacy 13+: One good book is worth more than all the swords and shields in the realm.
         "For Want Of A King 13+: Quotation Inspiration Contest - April 2009.
         "Penance 18+: The price is paid for human arrogance.
         "The Wayward Cataphiles 13+: Journey Through Genres Contest Entry (November 2012). Fantasy Genre.
         "The Ex-Girlfriends Club ASR: Quotation Inspiration Contest Entry - 2/28/08
         "Eternity 13+: Be careful what you wish for...
         "Two Parts Blood, One Part Fire 13+: A fantasy-themed battle. Entry for The Great Hall Contest (May 2014).

         "Don't @ Me 18+: A Blitz poem about the dark side of social media.
         "Scientific Exploration 13+: Five poems about science and scientific-type topics.
         "Wonderland 13+: Alice in Wonderland image prompt. Entry for Dark Dreamscapes (Round 3).
         "Thief of Hearts 13+: A Quatern poem inspired by an image prompt for the Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest.
         "Virtue ASR: My first attempt at free form. Companion piece to "Sin"
         "Sin ASR: My first attempt at free form. Companion piece to "Virtue"
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