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With the theme of 'firsts' a young girl experiences a first time in a public setting.
I pressed myself into the Mardi Gras crowd and felt the pulse of life surge forth.  The excitement heated my blood and quickened my breath.  The crowd surged forward and I could only go along; letting myself be taken for the experience.

Music thrummed, pulsing and hypnotic.  I swayed, feeling the rhythm lift me. 

When a man's hands found my hips and rested there I did not even look at first to see who it was.  His hands were light, but firm, large, but tender.  He moved in close, pressing his hard frame against my back.  Something inside of me erupted as I leaned back to enjoy the solidness of his muscular chest.  His hands on my waist guided me in a rhythm that seemed centuries old. 

A musky aftershave tickled my nose and I inhaled the delectable scent mingled with strong male.  It was intoxicating.  Not something I had ever experienced before. 

I did not object when his hands moved forward to encircle me.  One palm rested over my stomach, which tightened at his touch; the other moved higher over my shirt.  I drew in a surprised gasp as his fingers brushed the underside of my breast.  When I did not pull away, he let his thumb trail over my breast and I felt my nipples pucker at the erotic sensation.  I held my breath.  His thumb grazed my nipple, stroking over the peak.  My breath released when I felt soft lips against my ear, a tongue dipped out and trailed along the outer rim.  A tremble rippled through me.  I continued to vibrate with need as his tongue trailed down behind my ear. Teeth nipped at the sensitive area behind my ear.  A wanton groan escaped my lips as I pressed back into him feeling the heat of him.  The hard shaft of his manhood pressed like a lightening rod against my backside. 

His hand moved from my breast and I almost let out a moan until I felt my shirt shift and the cool night air kiss the dampness of my skin.  His hand followed the curve of my hip, barely touching my heated skin as he moved back over my breast, cupping it in his talented hands.  He stoked and pinched at the aroused peak and I felt myself melt back into him, beginning a rhythm with my hips as I danced. 

His other hand shifted lower and I could feel my skirt begin to stir then rise.  The warmth of his palm on my thigh sent tremblings through my  body.  He alternated between feather light caresses and firm massages to my weakening thighs.  If he had not been holding me to him I would have melted into a puddle on the pavement.

My core heated anticipating his touch, calling for contact, for release.  My panties were damp when he reached them, brushing his thumb over my throbbing clit almost made me explode.  My body tightened in this sensory sexual heaven.  I could feel his mouth and hands molding me, taking me higher and higher.  I had never experienced such pleasure. 

For a moment he shifted away and I almost called out until I felt his hand coast over the dampness of my back.  My bra loosened and as the air rushed up under my shirt he moved back against me.  His hand roamed over my skin finding my breast as I arched into his touch.  I moaned.  I ground ass into him. A wave of pleasure washed over me when I heard his thick groan.  I could feel his quickening breaths panting against my neck as he nibbled and kissed at my sensitive skin.  I shifted my neck to grant him access as I felt my panties slip down my legs exposing me to his probing fingers. 

When he slide a finger into me I bucked and thrust up then back into him.  I wanted more and I heard myself asking for more as he slid a second finger in and began to pump them and stroke my clit.  I rose and vibrated with his ministrations.  I did not care where I was or who saw me.  When the ferocity of my orgasm ripped through me I felt him grip me and hold me to him.  Behind my closed eyes the fireworks danced and shimmered.  When I settled back into my body I felt limp and fully satisfied. 

I felt him shift, kiss me tenderly on my neck as he straightened my skirt.  I moaned as his hand left my breast with a final caress.  When the solid frame of him moved back, I found some of my sanity and turned to search the crowd for my seductively satisfying Romeo, but when I looked there was no tall, strong stranger behind me.  My eyes looked up into the familiar eyes of my best pal, Stephen.  His smile was heated, dark with desire and I knew we had crossed a line we could not uncross, but I also knew my friendship and love for him had taken a new course and some part of me knew we were going to be all right. 

"Let's get out of here," he said reaching for my hand. 

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