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A connection between red and black with out constantly referencing the direct colors
Connect the Colors Red and Black

Red. It is the feeling you get when you know you’ve met the one. The feeling in your cheeks as he kisses you in front of your friends. The feeling on your fingertips as they run across his skin. The pulsing in your lips when you come up for air. The feeling in your chest when he gives you the ring. The feeling in your face when you catch him ns bed with your best friend. The feeling on your hands as you drop the vase to the floor. The sound radiating in your ears as you slam the door. It’s not the feeling you get as he grabs your arm. Nor the feeling you get as you through your ring into the river. It’s not the feeling you get when you get when you return the dress. Nor the feeling when you ignore his calls. That is not red, but black.

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