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Jade and Santos had their first kiss. What happens afterward?

Assignment 2 (Word Count: 607)

This is the first time Santos has experienced a woman taking him by surprise, pulling away for a moment he wanted to see this woman through her eyes which is the gateway to the soul. Some clarity he felt was needed because he just met this woman and this is the first date, he did not want to take advantage of her. He can feel this rush of energy through his body, feeling like it is running through his veins. The smell of her hair reminds him of lilacs which he grows on his property. At this moment he has decided that there is such a thing as fate which certain people are meant to be together.

Santos brushes a stray piece of wavy red hair from Jade’s face, while looking into her eyes, he says, “Jade, have you heard of the twin flame?”

“No. What is it?”

“From the research I have done, it is the most intense relationship you can have with anyone. I want to know everything about you. It seems crazy that I hardly know you except,” taking

Jade’s hand he kisses it while looking in her eyes in the emotional connection, he continues, “I feel words do not satisfy the true feelings, I am having difficulty expressing things that are meant to be felt.”

“I feel like I am on a high which seems to go on and on. When I look into your eyes, I am not sure how this is even possible, it is like I can see a part of myself within you. Does that make any sense? Is this part of the twin flame thing, you mentioned earlier?”

A wave of happiness like no other has found Santos in the most happiest state he has ever been in. He replies, “Yes. It is what I read. To experience it, I believe this may be it. I like how you express how you feel with me openly, you have a way words and I like it. Santos has the biggest perma smile on his face, he feels like a teenager again.

As Santos goes in for another kiss, he stops to admire her skin on her beautiful face. She is not wearing any makeup, with his finger, he touches her from her forehead down her nose, trailing her cheeks, and back to her lips, her skin is so soft to the touch. He likes the white tank top she is wearing with an elephant on the front with her black capris, and silver sandals; curious about why she does not wear any jewelry.

Connecting with her lips for the second time, he can taste the mint on her breath as he is opening his mouth to her. His intention is to be gentle and take his time, he feels lost in the depths where only Jade and himself exist and his need to express how he feels is strong and over powering him; there is no thinking, only feeling each other. His arms wrap around Jade in close to him feeling her closeness against him. His hands are running through her fire-red wavy hair which she wears loose down to her shoulders with a part in the middle. Thoughts are running through his head about many things he would like to do with Jade which he cannot in a public place. Gently nipping at her lips, he says breathlessly, “Can I take you to dinner? I want to get to know you better and what better way than to have some food and conversation.”

Sounding just as breathless as Santos, Jade replies, “I would like that.”

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