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Curt seeks to ruin someone, but is he successful?
Day Two:

Character's Role: Nemesis
Name: Curt Butt
Age 28
Location: Anywhere You Like, World
Occupation: Computer-controlled tool operator

Twist: Has an unnatural fear of becoming bald (Phalacrophobia)

Curt Butt was anything but fair. He made it his job to be antagonistic; besides working as a computer-controlled tool operator, that it. The job bored him and he could not resist wrecking havoc on the lives around him, particularly one Harvey Drake.

He and Harvey had grown up together. Harvey was from a wealthy family. He had everything Curt wanted. Curt felt it was such a waste that all that prestige and money went to such a poor excuse for a man.

Harvey was gay. And if there was one thing Curt hated it was gays. He held that little nugget deep, as it was not cool to be a hater these days. Instead he turned his hatred into snide comments and working behind the scenes. When he wasn't worried about his hair falling out, he had honed his skills of hacking and had every intention of using his skills to break the man down.

Leave him down and dirty, crawling in the dirt. Poor as a third world country. Those thoughts kept Curt warm at night. Those thoughts kept him sane as he worked the computer that ran the tools in his area. Bored, he fantasized Harvey’s fall from grace.

Knowing Harvey still kept his sexual orientation from his parents; Curt thought it best to start there. Warmth spread though him when he thought of how Harvey’s parents would react. How it would kill the old man and leave his snobby mother devastated. He felt sure they would disown him. That alone had Curt tingling with the sweetness of his nefarious ways.

He decides on writing a letter and not signing it… then he decide to type it to disguise any handwriting links… then he decided he best not touch the paper, or else his finger prints would trace him. Thoughts of being caught sent shivers of excitement through him. He did not want to be caught for this. Only feel the satisfaction of having brought the gruesomeness to light.

Finally he decided to write two letters. One to be delivered to Harvey’s father at his office and the other to reach his mother at her club. A sneered smile marred his face as he thought of the delicious delights that awaited his prey.

If only he could witness their reactions.

He decided to hand off the letters to some local kids. He hid them in among some other letters and asked the kids to deliver them.
He waited for the fallout anticipating the worst, a few days later he saw Harvey. Instead of wearing his usual suit and tie, the guy was dressed more casually. Curt stared, his jaw dropping as he heard Harvey say to someone.

“It was a blessing in disguise. Opened up a dialogue. My parents have been so great. I have a feeling they suspected, but those letters really opened things up for me.”

Curt clamped his mouth shut and pressed his lips into a scowl that left his face pinched and tormented. He could almost feel his hair falling out. His hopes for demise crumbled and the anger boiled up and seared him. Now he would have to try something else… though he had felt so certain, this would work. Like everything else Harvey touched, the world seemed to work in his favour.

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