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All Eddie wants to do is stick to his routine... but his buddies have other ideas.
Day Five

“Hey, Eddie… you going to the game tonight?”

Eddie looked up over the hood of the car he was trying to fix. He grumbled something that sounded in the affirmative then went back to his work.

“Remember it’s your turn to bring the donuts… Dave says he wants at least a dozen for himself. Chocolate ones.”

Eddie grunted, not looking up as he moved his thick fingers over the greasy parts that needed to be changed.

When he finished the job, he straightened up and whipped his hands on a smeared rag. Throwing it onto his workbench he headed for his office. Time to call the vehicle’s owner and give her the news.

Miss Eva Barker. His face pinched at the thought of having to talk to her.

Less than half an hour later the woman arrived. Her sunny smile almost blinding him. Eddie squinted at her as he told her the news and how much it would cost.

“Oh, my. I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

He looked back down at the counter when the paperwork spelled out his work order.

“I supposed I should have brought the car sooner….”

Eddie didn’t want this conversation to drag out. He had a poker game to get to. He didn’t need to be distracted by this bubbly, old maid.
“I don’t suppose I could get a discount if I cook you a good meal… you have to eat.”

No way did he want to spend any more time with Miss Barker than he had to. She set his guts to trembling.

Not looking at her he grumbled and shook his head.

“Oh, well. Can’t blame a lady for trying.”

Eddie grunted again refusing to look at her.

She handed over her credit card and while he busied himself settling up her account she pulled out her book.

“I will have to make note of the name of your garage. You do good work.”

She scribbled on the back of a bookmark, then read the most interesting thing… “Eddie Short’s garage on Main street is the quaintest little garage. I will have to come back.”

Eddie looked up at that, but only pressed his lips into a line. No way was he going to comment.

Eva beamed at him. “Thought that might get your attention,” she said, then gave a light laugh, “you are such a pleasure to poke at, Eddie Short.”

He watched her leave feeling both relief and an odd tingling around his grizzled heart. The woman was impossible and definitely not good for his peace of mind.

Shaking his head, he quickly closed up and headed out for two dozen donuts, half of which were chocolate.

When he arrived at his buddie’s place the smoke was already a thick cloud of haze as he headed into the basement rec. room.

“Ahhh, ‘bout time man.” Dave moaned as he headed for the donuts. “I was thinking you were never going to get here.”

The rest of the guys laughed and cajoled. Eddie plunked himself into his spot as his buddie, Rob handed him a beer.

“So how was Miss Eva Barker?”

“You sent her to me?”

“Hell, yeah I figured it was about time you stopped avoiding her.”

“She’s crazy.” Eddie grumbled picking up his cards.

“Only crazy for you.”

Eddie grumbled deeper.

“Oh, come on man. She is perfect for you…” Eddie gave him a narrowed gaze. “She is. She balances out your grizzley nature.”

Eddie growled, “Let’s just play….”

Rob laughed, “Okay, okay Eddie, but…”

At another dark gaze, Rob held up his hands and let the matter drop… for now.

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