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by Sandra
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Trison begins to know the secret of his amulet
------------------------Chapter 4 - the mystery of wolfine---------------------------
after the vision Triston and Kristan thought for a moment and then they both heard something coming toward them.
Kristan quickly opened his eyes and glanced behind him a boulder was rolling toward them.

Kristan hurried and grabbed Triston and tried flying away from the boulder with his rocket boots, but it did not avail, as the boulder came towards them Kristan wanted to get out of the way.

but he was worried about Triston, Triston just looked at the boulder but then at Kristan, "just go ill be fine!" he said to Kristan.
but kristan couldn't "i won't leave you" Kristan said.

a few seconds later after he said that something began to glow from his shirt
and so did Tristons, a violet glow has banded from each brother,
but they didn't know what was going on.

from a distance above there was a girl spying on the boys.
the girl had a black ninja mouth piece and suit,
as the girl saw the violet light she smirked evily, "master will be pleased to hear this" she whispered to herself as she flipped out of a window swiftly.

the boulder had almost reached Triston and Kristan,
but Kristan did what Tristan told him to do and he flew away from the boulder. still worried about triston, Kriston flew away from the building on his rocket boots.

meanwhile in an old laboratory,
the girl walked into the laboratory looking at a man.
the man looked down at her with a emotionless face, "well any news?" the man said as he begin to sit down in a weird chair.
the girl looked at him and nodded her head "yes master i bring good news" she began to speak, "i think i found then amulets.." she continued.
the man showed an evil grin to the girl and rubs her on the top of the head, "good girl" he said to her and the girl looked at him and began to speak with a stutter in her voice "um.. sir someone has them" she said stuttering a bit.

The man looked at her with a slight sight of anger "What! who?" he replied to the girt, the girl looked at him a little scared to respond "i don't know, two boys have them." she said to the man, the man made an angry face as he clenched his fist as he was holding his staff, 'no.... it can't be. they can't be alive' he thought to himself as he quickly swinged his staff outward slowly.

"go! take care of them" he ordered and the girl launches in the air as she begins to fly, "i must please master" she said to herself quietly as her eys turned red. the girl flew to the buildng Triston and Kristan were at.

Meanwhile back at the building, Triston was still in the building and Kristan was on the roof worried about him. a few minutes later the girl shows up at the building and flies inside it, the girl goes by the window and flies inside the building and she sees the boulder going toward Triston.

the girl smirked looking at Trison and the boulder,
"let's give this boulder a boost shall we!" she says as she flies to the celling and swiftly swings her wings back for a moment and then flaps them a strong sonic wind blows at the boulder and pushes the boulder quicker toward triston.

Triston looked at the girl and saw the boulder coming towards him faster.
' no.... i won't die not now!' he thought to himself as his amulet glowed 'mother watch over me....' he thought to himself as he jumped out of the boulder's way as his amulet glowed he made it out of the way partly.

the boulder crushed Triston's leg as blood leaks from the wound,
Triston looked at his leg seeing the blood 'at least i made it most of the way' he thought to himself looking up at the celling. Triston tired to stand up but his leg hurts and he falls back down.

Triston looks up at the girl and made an angry face as his eyes turned a violet color glowing. after that moment something happened.

-------------to be continued-----------------------------

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