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Flash Fiction Prompt 6/30: plate, mice, laugh, Word count: 300
"My name is Giuseppe. Welcome to Survival 101," said the mouse before his students. "It is here, you will learn to live or die.

"Every month, I try to school our young on the dangers that befall our kind. These are the examples of the brutality the humans subject us to. A trap, a sticky pad and lastly the crack cocaine of mice, poison," he said motioning to the items on display.

"You have got to stay away from these things. I implore you. Especially the traps. I don't know what it is that draws our young to take this challenge. It's like what the humans call a 'Hold my beer and watch this' moment. It's not going to turn out well. I can assure you," said Giuseppe as he walked across the unarmed trap. "If there is food here, it's a deadly trap!"

He hopped down and scampered to the green box. "This is a drug den. The contents within will draw you in and you will not come back. Mark my words."

The mice sniffed the air and whispered among themselves.

Walking past the sticky pad, Giuseppe said, "I know you all watch television. I have only one word for this. Guantanamo."

"So, stay away from these things. Go for the garbage can. It's a buffet in there. An abandoned plate is a wonderful choice. Watch out for the women as their screams bring out the men.

"Remember, outside barbecues keep them so distracted while they laugh like silly fools, that they rarely see us," said Giuseppe as he walked up close to the mischief of mice.

A light filled the space behind the mice. A big eye appeared in the entrance. "I can see them," said a booming voice.

"Run! Get outside if you can," squealed Giuseppe. "Run!"
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