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The personalities of characters in beyond the brawls.
Some characters in 'Super Smash Bros. - Beyond the Brawls' have different personalities to those Nintendo may have given them. Here's how my rendition of the characters act. More characters will be added as they appear.


Assumes he's the leader because he's Nintendo's mascot. In a way, he's right as lots of people seem to assume him as such. He prefers not to get caught up in affairs that don't concern him but will if needed. He works as the mansion's Doctor too alongside Nurse Peach.


He's pretty cowardly but aspires to be as great as his brother someday. He's quite gullible, believing most of what he hears and trusting everyone. He also has a pretty strong friendship with Lucas, who feels they have a lot in common.


Peach likes making people happy and is pretty much an 'every-woman.' From baking cakes, to being a nurse or even beating everybody at golf, she can do it all. She can be quite a hot-head though namely getting into arguments with Marth or Ganondorf.


Coming from space, Rosalina can be a bit foreign to some concepts. She believes problems can always be solved by simply talking about them. Due her experience with raising the Lumas, she often takes care of the younger smashers when nobody else has time which has given her a friendship with Toon Link.


Bowser is tough, cunning and strong, the ideal villain. As of more recent years, Bowser forgets why he kidnaps Peach but intends to keep the status quo. His tough and spiky shell hides the gentle and loving father on the inside. Despite his complicated personality, one thing is for sure: Get Bowser mad and you may not see tomorrow.

Bowser Jr.

While he may seem just another one of Bowser's goons, he is much more than that. Bowser Jr. loves tinkering with machines, most of the Koopa clown car attachments are his handiwork. Despite knowing Peach is not his 'mama,' he still holds a soft spot for her and will not tolerate any harm coming to her. He gets on well with the Koopalings and is best friends with Lemmy.


Wario only out for number one: Himself. Wario lays around all day being lazy. The moment someone mentions money though he's the first on the scene. He takes advantage of how gullible Luigi is and creates anarchy through the other smashers for amusement. He hates it though when the anarchy bites back at him.


Captain of the SS Dolphin, Olimar usually has a level head. He has taken Alph under his wing to be a great space explorer like himself and enjoys seeing his apprentice make new discoveries. Due to his adventures on PNF-404, Olimar works well with the Pikmin and is able to plan extremely far ahead.


A budding young mechanic who longs to be noticed. He sometimes doubts himself but always seems to find a way out of situations by studying pikmin behaviour. He's always delighted to work with his hero, Olimar and wishes to be great like him someday


Bounty-hunter extrodinaire, Samus, prefers to keep to herself. Avoiding confrontation with other seems to somehow be her specialty. She hates it when guys fawn over her and has assaulted Captain Falcon various times when he has done so. She holds a soft spot deep in her heart though, which she tries to hide.


Link is pretty arrogant but defiantly well experienced. Despite, wielding a portion of the Triforce, he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He's pretty friendly and gets along well with most others. He treats Toon Link like a little brother and cares for his safety.


One of the mansion's smartest residents. She keeps a level head constantly and is often the one who stops arguments. She is good friends with Peach and rumours have spread that she has feelings for Link.

Toon Link

The third youngest resident of the Smash mansion beaten only by Bowser Jr. and Lemmy. He has a happy exterior but loves playing pranks with Ness and Lucas. He hates it when people treat him like a little kid, especially Link. Like Link, he isn't the brightest but has a heart of gold. Sometimes he wonders what he's missing back home but can always be comforted by a story from Rosalina.

Young Link

After Melee, Young Link was allowed to stay in the Smash mansion and currently is roommates with Toon Link. The two have a very strong friendship. Young Link is mature for his age but is still treated like a child. He sometimes has nightmares about his adventures in Termina.


A man of few words. Villager is vegetarian and helps anyone in need. This has made him rather gullible. He fears that the 'Killager' memes he found on the internet may someday come true so he is very passive-aggressive. In fact, he rarely gets angry, at all.


While still a baby, Kirby is technically one of the older smashers. Kirby has limited understanding of most things but can get quite competitive around food. Kirby also looks up to both Meta Knight and King Dedede.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is incredibly full of himself, he thinks he's the best and asks people to show him their moves. (Whatever that means) He is sort of jealous of Sonic's speed and has a major crush on Samus whom he wants to win over.


Ness is mature for his age, having a good understanding of what he should and shouldn't do and keeps the other children in line. He likes pulling pranks with Lucas and Toon Link, whom he considers his best friends.


Lucas is easily frightened and is friends with Ness, Toon Link and Luigi. When Ness and Toon Link decide to pull a prank, Lucas usually joins in reluctantly or tries to talk them out if it. He and Luigi sometimes work on conquering their fears. He doesn't like being alone and is incredibly jumpy when he is.


Pit is always happy and cheery but can come off as annoying. He sometimes thinks with his stomach and can't read. He has a heart of gold though and does his best to help those in need.


Marth is the Hero-King and he knows it. While sometimes a bit vain and/or rude, he believes strongly in co-operating to accomplish a greater goal. He thinks of Lucina more like a sister than a granddaughter. While he can speak English, he just prefers Japanese.


Like his fanbase, most of the smashers like Ike. Ike is tough and powerful. Like most 'non-stereotypical' tough-guys, he is rather friendly and loves helping people. Unlike most stereotypical tough guys though, he isn't an idiot. (For the most part)


While skilful with a sword, Roy is a 'tough-guy' wannabe. He tries to act tough but it occasionally comes off as annoying. He thinks he's friends with Marth who doesn't feel the same way. Though he tries not to show it, he blames Pit for his exclusion in Brawl despite him being none the wiser. He is rather reckless but is fairly kind and values the help of others. (Most of the time)


Both the Robins are masterful tacticians and are rather smart. Female Robin likes flower arranging while male Robin prefers reading. While they both know they are the same person, they treat each other like siblings much like the Corrins. Despite their vast knowledge, they appear to falter when put on the spot.


Brave and tough, Lucina doesn't just throw the 'damsel-in-distress' expectation out the window, she blows it to smithereens. She looks up to Marth and aspires to be as great a ruler and swordfighter as he. She has a short temper but is rather friendly and finds Meta knight rather cute to the star warrior's dismay. She can be childish but her greatest weakness is her terrible... frightening... FASHION SENSE!


Like the Robins, the Corrins get on well with each other and treat each other like siblings. Male Corrin is level-headed and prefers to talk than fight. Female Corrin on the other hand, while still kind, is irritable and feisty but she knows her boundaries. She actually prefers to be referred to by her Japanese name 'Kamui' to avoid confusion.


The smash mansion's self-proclaimed 'most-intelligent fighter.' Mewtwo does not harbour ill-will towards Lucario about Brawl unlike Roy towards Pit. He can read minds and some say that's how he is so good at chess. Mewtwo is a complicated character who hides his feelings behind a deadpan face. He messes with people's minds on the occasion that he needs a laugh.


The fastest around, Sonic seems to be everywhere at once. He has a good friendship with Mario. He likes to tease people but nobody takes it all that seriously. When, forced to remain still, Sonic can quickly get irritated and angry.


Pac-Man is like Kirby but yellow. When food isn't on his mind, he is quite friendly. Like Villager, he doesn't speak very often.

Mega Man

Despite being a robot, Mega man (or Rock whatever your fancy) isn't all ones and zeroes. He's friends with every fighter and was super-excited to fight both against and alongside Sonic again. While not completely irrational, he has a fear of spikes.


Bayonetta remains alone most of the time. When she does show herself, she likes to be playful with the other smashers or incredibly blunt with them. She has fun scaring Pit and knows she can terrify Dark Pit with a bit more effort. She and Palutena don't usually socialise but they can be friends.

Assist trophies


It's hard to pin down Waluigi, both figuratively and literally. He creates anarchy, laughing at the misery of others. What makes it even more odd is he still enjoys it if the anarchy affects him. For some reason or another, Waluigi is a skilled dancer, specialising in the Flamenco.


Princess of the Twilight realm and close friend of Zelda and Link. She looks out for herself and can be a but cheeky. She's also a bit stubborn. Her favourite holiday is Halloween where she decorates the mansion.

Skull Kid

Deep down, he's a kind and gentle soul who just enjoys playing pranks. Unfortunately, that soul is hidden beneath Majora, an evil mask. Since the events of Majora's mask, the mask doesn't have evil in it but sometimes seems to influence his decisions for the worse. He and Young Link are close friends when Skull Kid isn't misbehaving.


Shadow keeps to himself mostly. He finds Sonic irritating and was disappointed he wasn't allowed to kick him over the head in smash. He has a sense of humour albeit a dark one. He hates to admit it but Rosalina reminds him of Maria.

Guest characters


The legendary pirate captain sails her ship as the brawlers fight on it. She's actually the one who activates the catapult for a laugh mid-battle. Most of the fighters know Tetra and some even fear her. Oddly, Toon Link gets very quiet when she's around.


There would be Ridley's bio here but it's too big.


Understanding, compassionate and caring. These are the things Alm is not. Alm has a very black-and-white outlook on life and his ways on reaching his goals often makes him seem reckless. He's gentle and considerate on the inside but is very naïve. He's aware of his shortcomings and tries to compensate the best he can. He accepts Celica's views on war but doesn't necessarily understand them.


A princess who doesn't feel she deserves the status, Celica is kind and generous but shuts others out because she doesn't want to lose them. She respects others and what they do for her. Because of her lack of self-confidence and her desire to protect others, she has trouble making new friends.


One half of the Squid sisters, Callie is the personification of a sugar rush. She's permanently excited and scatter-brained as opposed to Marie's calm and collected demeanour. She loves meeting new fans and singing with her cousin.


The other half of the Squid sisters, Marie is calm, collected and intelligent. Marie is perhaps the opposite to Callie so it's a wonder how they get on so well. Marie's humour means well but can sometimes come off as cynical. Despite winning the Splatfest, Marie considers Callie her equal and nothing less.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

The "evil" scientist Dr. Robotnik, better known by his nickname Eggman, is Sonic's arch rival. He may seem like a joke but he is insane! Sonic and Mega man learned this the hard way when Eggman attempted to destroy reality just to win. Interestingly, Marth does not recongise Eggman's "Dr. Robotnik" name.


An alien princess who seeks help from Earth's greatest warrior when she discovers her father's plans to obliterate the planet. Fortunatley, (Or perhaps unfortunately) she finds R.O.B and accepts that it'll do. She loves nature and finds humans an interesting species due to their apparent obsession to prove each other wrong.

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