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Participating in The Rising Stars Program 2016-2017
"The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind"

I had a lot of questions and no answers to them of yet.

On Sunday last I received this awesome C-note out of the blue from GabriellaR45 that I was chosen among 21 other writers at Writing.com, to participate in this wonderful project called The *StarY* Rising stars *StarY* Program 2016-2017. I was invited to take a thrilling journey into the realm of new writing and reviewing challenges to better myself as a writer. My companion on this trip was Acme who would guide me for the next eight months towards becoming awarded a Rising Star.

I was thrilled, excited and naturally, I accepted. Although my main concern was if this wasn’t too soon for me since I only had been writing in the English/American language for four and a half months. Being a writer from a non-English speaking country I had trouble with my grammar, syntax, and spelling. But some thoughts into this made me realize I just was too excited and honored not to say yes, so I accepted.

Immediately the questions came to mind: what would this journey bring me and my guide? What would I learn and how would it benefit my writing skills? Did I have what it takes to be successful in this endeavor? Would I be able to commit myself for eight months? Was this the beginning of a wonderful journey into the realm of writing at Writing.com?

The first contact with my star guide was wonderful, it was acknowledged we would be teaming up so we would learn from each other. I still was a little apprehensive as to what I could be teaching her instead of the other way around, but we agreed we would want to benefit both from this wonderful opportunity.

And this is now the way it’s going to be for this coming period. What will my writing life be in eight months time?

"The answer is somewhere in the wind."

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