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Entry for Daily Flash Fiction contest using the words - star, world and earring.
Getting ready for the world took time and Cadance did not want to disappoint her fans, but finding the perfect earrings was a challenge when she could only find the one earring. Where the hell was the other one?

"Grady" she yelled as her hands picked at the jumble of bits and bobbles that where now scattered all over her makeup table. "Grady, where the hell are you?" she yelled again when the girl did not magically appear.

"I'm here." the woman said, her tone full of annoyance at having been called once again to set the world to rights.

"I can't find my blasted earring. The ones Jimmy gave me. One is missing. Have you seen it?" Cadance wailed.

Grady looked at the pile of items scattered across Cadance's table and narrowed her eyes. How the hell anyone could find anything in here, she could not tell, but she took a step forward and bit her lip to curb the frustrated sigh that threatened to escape.

Cadance held up the star shaped diamond. "The mate to this one. I must have them. Jimmy is coming to the show… he might just be popping the question tonight so I need to look my best.”

Grady lifted her eyes to Cadance's flushed face and caught a glimpse of sparkle. Looking closer she noticed the earring. It was already glimmering from Cadance's left ear lobe.

"Have you checked your ears?" she asked biting back the sarcasm that was raring to push forth. 'How drunk could this old broad be? She wondered as she watched Candace reach up and touch her ears and gaze into the wide mirror before her.

"Oh...." Cadance sputtered as she fingered the lost orb. "Thank God."

Grady waited, but as usual Cadance waved her off. Why she expected a thank you she could hardly fathom. It had never happened before. The woman was brash and boorish. Grady could not understand why such crowds came out to hear her sing... but hey, those crowds didn't have to face her and deal with her petty whims. She also figured Cadance was only deluding herself into thinking Jimmy would ever want to marry a woman like her….. She could hardly wait to get out of this job and get away from the odious woman.

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