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Ace did find himself in trouble, But as always will we see him survive all of this?
Sword Quest Chapter 2: Goblin's Caves Part 2

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'' I screamed for my dear life, until I landed on something soft. ''Ouch... Where am I? I realized i landed on a mattress? I was surely confused where I was... ''Wow it's really dark.. Im suprised i can see the mattress..'' I then just walked around blind and confused, ''Wood? Stone? Heat? Oh this is an torch!'' I was happy and joyed, until I realized i didn't have anything to light it with... ''Wait I still have my lighter!'' It was a miracle. I quickly pulled out my lighter, and struggling to light the torch. ''Finally I lit i- S-So much gold!'' It was a better miracle than the last time! ''Wow! But how am I gonna get this all out?'' I thought hard. ''Wait how did I come down here again? Oh yeah that trap door...'' It was really high up.. I was sure I couldn't reach it. ''Think, Think! Aha! I'll just stack up the gold to get up there!'' But i realized that meant sacrficing the really precious gold. ''My life or this precious gold? Well I can't spend it anywhere if I was down here..'' So then I just picked the more smarter choice, saving my life. I kinda realized I was gonna need to be really careful to stack it all, well not knock it down basically. ''Hmmm.. Yeah this is gonna be hard, but it is gonna be possible.'' So then I started stacking. About 30 minutes in, and I still didn't reach or stack enough. ''Great im gonna need to spend more time..'' So I did. About 20 minutes passed and I finally made it high enough to reach the top. ''Finally! Phew this was an workout..'' I climbed and climbed until I reached the top. '' Alright this is the big moment, I need to make the jump, or i'll fall causing my defeat.'' I jumped high and at the last moment, I reached the top! ''Wait I slid down, right..?'' There was an short slide but I knew it was really slippery, I needed to be really careful.. ''Well.. We have a big challenge. But I can make it im sure!'' I thought.

''This was an bad idea..'' I felt shameful, and found myself halfway through the climb.. ''Come on Ace! You can do it!'' I said. And then boosted myself so high that I made it to the top! ''Wow, who knew I was that good at climbing?'' And then I came out of the mine cart again. ''Well the goblin is surely not here.'' But I realized there was more gold than before! ''Well I did all of this, so I have a premission to grab it atleast.'' I grabbed the gold quickly without making anyone notice, or any goblin notice. ''Finally made it out of that crazy cave.'' I soon just ran back home quickly and finally rested fully.''

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