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INTRODUCTION - Weapons Officer/Head of Security Lieutenant Warwick
Galactic Fleet Historical File:

Warwick, James M.

Mid-Level Biography

Rank:                                                    Lieutenant

Current Assignment:                             Weapons Officer/Head of Security

Full Name:                                            James Michael Warwick

Date of Birth:                                        July 4th, 2068

Place of Birth:                                       Birmingham, United Kingdom

Ancestry:                                              of Anglo-Saxon and Danish origin.

Education:                                            Galactic Fleet Academy, 2086 - 2092

Marital Satus:                                       Single


Galactic Fleet Career Summary:

2092 - First year academy graduate with the rank of Ensign, assigned to Galactic Fleet 
Tactical Weapons Electronics School in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

2094 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to SS Reprisal as Assistant 
Tactical/Security Officer.

2096 - Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to SS Stargazer as Weapons/Chief Security Officer.

Lieutenant Warwick reported aboard SS Stargazer subsequent to re-assignment of the previous Weapons Officer, the result of normal career rotation. Warwick easily breezed through two years of advanced weapons electronics school with minimal effort, following the military footsteps of his family on his father's side, all career pilots and bombardiers dating back to the Royal Flying Corps and later the Royal Air Force. As a youngster, and later a teenager, he was always tinkering with "electronic and robotic projects" of some fashion in his parent's garage, designing and building power cells, battery and solar propelled miniature flying cars, model sized cyborgs and robots, and a prototype low power hand held 'Phaser.' He is a rabid 'football' fan of the Sheffield 'Wednesday' Football (soccer) Club based in Dronfield, Derbyshire. Lieutenant Warwick enjoys viewing current or recorded matches streamed in on his viewer in his stateroom or the crews' lounge when off duty, inviting others to join him whenever possible. Warwick is gregarious and a known charmer; he occasionally enjoys romantic relationships, but his over exuberance has landed him in hot water on more than one occasion. Captain Foxwell approved and implemented Warwck's recommendation for the use of 'Condition Red' as more appropriate terminology in lieu of "Battle Stations."

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