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Story of an electrician tenant and a lightbulb.
Yesterday evening about 5:30, I received a phone call from a tenant who stated that the lights in his room and bathroom were not working, but that the lamp he had plugged in and everything else was working fine. Craig was still at work, so I headed to check out the breakers.
Box #1 - all good.
Box #2 - when I was checking the breakers, one popped out a little bit, so I assumed the breaker might need to be changed. (I'm not an electrician, I'm a motel manager, so I was just guessing.) Also, the apartment next to him suddenly lost lights and power to a few plugs, also. GREAT!!!
I frantically called Craig and asked how much longer he would be at work, and it just so happened that he had just finished and he was headed home. He wouldn't be home until about 6:00, which had me worried that if we needed a breaker, we wouldn't be able to get one until morning because ACE closes at 6:00. However, this tenant just so happens to be an electrician, so we agreed that if all else fails, we'll hire him to fix the problem so both apartments would have lights.
As soon as he got home, he headed to the back to troubleshoot the problem and I stayed to work in the office.
About 10 minutes later, he walked in shaking his head. Light bulbs...LIGHT BULBS...was the initial problem. Apparently, I caused the 2nd apartments problems when I was trying to play electrician.
Now...back to the electrician and the burned out light bulbs. He told Craig that one bulb in his room had been burned out for a while and when he got home and flipped the switch, no lights. Then he said he flipped the switch in his bathroom and it made a crackling noise then went off. Hmmm...gee, what does that usually indicate?
So, me being me, I walked to the back, knocked on his door and asked him, "What is the first thing they teach you in electrical school?" Then I said, "Dude, you're an electrician and you didn't know your light bulbs had burned out?"
He was a little red in the face, but he laughed and was a good sport.
So, as I was leaving, I couldn't help but ask one more question..."How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb?"

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