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by Norman
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I like a poem that tells a story
Maybe even death…
I like a poem that tells a tale,
something that has some depth.

So don’t just give me fancy words
that tell of how you feel.
That doesn’t interest me at all,
although they may be real.

Instead I want some narrative,
a story with a plot.
Yeah, that’s the kind I like the most,
the kind I like a lot.

It doesn’t have to be too long,
but shouldn’t be too terse.
A poem that doesn’t make much sense?
Well, that would be the worst.

A hero would be great to have,
someone to look up to.
If you can give me one of those,
well, that would be swell too.

You think I’m asking for too much?
Well, you are probably right.
But you have read this silly verse
so now you know I’m right.

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