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by Norman
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It's not my choice at all
I’m following the rhymes
wherever they might go.
You may think some are funny but
some others end in woe.

It’s not my choice at all,
though you may think it strange.
It isn’t up to me at all.
Hey, maybe I’m deranged.

But once I start to write
it just takes over me.
I never know what will come next;
I have to wait and see.

So if you like my poems,
as some of you may do,
I cannot take the praise for them,
although I would like to.

And if you think they’re bad,
I won’t blame you a bit.
I’m not so fond of them myself.
Well, maybe just a whit.

I know I am surprised
when I see what I’ve done.
But I can tell you this, my friend,
I’m having lots of fun.

So if they’re good or bad,
it doesn’t matter much.
As long as I can sit and write
it keeps me out of Dutch.

(Really, don't blame me for that last rhyme.)
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