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Memorial day is for those who have lost and the country has gained.
Teary eyes twinkle in the morning light as a body is carried past.
Another young life whose heart has stopped beating.
Another young scared child who overcame a brutal fear and defended the country.

A single second in time and they are gone.
A moment in eternity and they but memories in our hearts.
Memories of happiness and of a beloved home.

Fathers and mothers hold each other tightly for comfort but it does not bring back their child.
Siblings try to understand but cannot.
'Why?' they say. 'Who did?' they say.

But, the country they died defending still stands strong due to them.
Our hearts are saddened for what they had to endure for us.
Our hearts bleed for their sacrifice.

A mother and father lay a rose on the child's chest.
The child does not see it, does not move to grasp it. The child will never move again.
The child will never look into their sad soulful eyes again.

But, deep down, the parents are proud. Their heads are held high.
Their child will forever be a hero.
A hero that came forth when the need was greatest.

Their child will never be forgotten.
Never will the child be lost to time.
Their country will never be alone.

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