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The alarm clock began beeping an atrocious sound. I got up and rubbed my eyes. I pulled myself out of bed and went downstairs. My girlfriend was already sitting down eating a pancake. I went to the freezer to get myself some but stopped looking after thirty seconds.

I asked my girlfriend, "did you take the last pancake?"

She said, "yeah, sorry"

"No, its fine. I just couldn't find any. I will just get a pop tart instead"

I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed myself a pop tart. I walked back to the table.

My girlfriend said, "So at work today, this guy was trying to do some code"

"And" I replied.

"He was stupid"

"Wow let's not call people stupid, I'm sure he didn't mean it"

"yeah I only said 'You don’t know what you are saying.' because he was speaking nonsense"

"Oh, well that's still mean"

"Well he shouldn't be talking trash like that"

"Doesn't give you a right"

My girlfriend got up and went to the sink. "I just got frustrated with him"

"I understand, to be honest I do to but I always apologize when I'm calmer"

She turned the water on. "Yeah but he's not very bright, this is the hundredth time I've helped him on something that should be simple"

I got up and walked to the sink. "Simple for you doesn't mean simple for him"

"Yeah but why hire him?"

"Does it matter?"

"I guess not"

"You are one of the best coders out there on the market. There aren't many better then you"

"I never really thought of that. I definitely owe him an apology"


"I have to go to work, I'll see you when I get home"

"See ya"

The two of hugged before she parted.

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