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by Norman
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I'm never on the beat
My wife wants me to learn to dance
I told her I’m too old
She said I won’t get older if
I don’t do as I’m told

So now I’ll have to try it out
I have to keep the peace
It’s either that or get some help
Like calling the police

I’ve tried my best; I really have
But it’s not going well
I’ll never get the hang of this
It’s my idea of hell

I’m really not cut out for dance
I’m never on the beat
She told me that my problem is
That I have two left feet

I guess that would explain a lot
Why my shoes never fit
And why I never want to walk
Instead I’d rather sit

Did she give me some sympathy?
Well, no sir, she did not
There is one dance she makes me do
We do that dance a lot

We hokey-pokey all the time
‘Cause I can’t get it wrong
With two left feet I have it made
I even sing along

You put your left foot in
You put your left foot out

(We haven't gotten to the right foot yet.)
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