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by Norman
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The tree is sacred in my mind
I’m searching for a Christmas tree
It’s early, yes I know
It’s only February still
And there could be some snow

But now’s the time to get a tree
It’s when you get a deal
It is a buyer’s market now
I could get me a steal

Christmas is ten months away
But I could use it bad
Things have not been good for me
In fact, they’re rather sad

So I could use some cheering up
To cure me of this funk
I got all of my Christmas lights
Out of that basement trunk

Hey, Christmas is a frame of mind
It’s happiness and cheer
I’d celebrate it every day
And not just once a year

The tree is sacred in my mind
You know that’s how I feel
It is the symbol that I love
So that tree must be real

So now I need to find a tree
I’d like one six feet tall
With lots of branches sticking out
Don’t give me one too small

The problem with those Christmas trees
They don’t last very long
The tree can dry out in just weeks
Then things could go real wrong

It’s gonna take ‘bout seven trees
‘Til Christmas time is here
Or maybe even eight or nine
To get me through the year

I could just start my own tree farm
And save myself a ton
… Oh hell, I’ll just break down and buy
An artificial one

Merry Christmas everyone!

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