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Junior is depressed and is going through a lot of pain. Hopefully, his family can help him
Warning: Chapter contains suicide and swearing. If, for any reason, this chapter/story triggers you in any way, please don't read

(Author's Note: I (sadly) do not own the Mario Franchise. That belongs to Nintendo)


Bowser: 54

Ludwig: 22

Roy (older than Morton by a month): 20

Morton (younger than Roy by a month): 20

Iggy: 17

Wendy: 16

Lemmy: 14

Larry: 12

Bowser Jr: 5

Chapter 2: First Things First

After the funeral, the Koopalings headed inside. They didn't want to stay for the after party, nor did they want anyone else giving them their condolences, so they left. The rain had let up a bit, but it was still raining pretty hard. Lemmy and Larry fell asleep after the funeral, so Morton carried them both. Wendy and Roy were listening to music through their headphones to take their minds off of the funeral. Iggy was quietly sobbing to himself to try not to get anyone's attention. And Ludwig was carrying Jr on his back. Jr was still crying, but not as much as before.
After they reached the front door, Ludwig used his spare key to open the door, and they entered the house. Looking at the room, they sighed. In the living room, there hung a lot of self portraits of Bowser. They looked all around the room, and sighed once more. Ludwig put Jr down, and immediately Jr went to his room. Once he was there, he slammed the door. Ludwig sighed. He couldn't imagine how Jr must have been feeling right now.
Morton woke Lemmy and Larry up so they could leave to their rooms. They both looked at the portraits and became sad again. As everyone left for their room, Ludwig gazed out of one of the windows and quietly said to himself, "Father, why?"

*Bowser Jr's POV*

I couldn't believe what just happened today. I just couldn't. I didn't want to believe that my Daddy was gone. I...I just didn't want to. Daddy was always strong and always survived the hardest obstacles. Why couldn't he pull through this? No matter, he was gone. And now, I don't have a Daddy to take care of me.
After Luddy opened the door, the first thing I saw were pictures of Daddy. When he put me down, I couldn't stand looking at the pictures any longer. I ran to my room as fast as I could while trying not to cry. As soon as I reached my room, I slammed the door. Shakingly, I ran to my bed and started crying again. I just couldn't help myself. I love my Daddy so much. I never wanted to lose him.
'But I did.' I thought. 'I lost him, and I can't do anything about it now. But... what's going to happen now? Will Luddy and the others forget about Daddy? What if Iggy or Lemmy or Luddy went away? Would everyone else forget about them? Or....if I went away, would anyone remember me, or even care?'

*Larry's POV*

"Damn it!" I yelled as I punched the wall. Tears were falling down my face in anger and sadness. I took a look at my knuckles and saw that they were bloody from punching the wall so much. But I didn't care. I was too blinded with rage and sadness to even care anymore. The pain in my knuckles didn't compare to the pain in my heart.
"Why? Why did this happen? Why didn't Dad tell us? We could've helped him! We could've helped him, damn it!" I punched the wall again. My tears were falling faster. The pain...it was just too much for me to bare. My whole body was shaking badly. I wasn't able to think straight. But, after a minute, I collected myself. And I thought about what I could do now.
I looked back on my entire life. And I saw everything that happened. And it was all terrible. Everything unfair has happened to me in life. Life just screwed me over every single time. Every bad thing just replayed in my mind. And I knew that if life was bad back then, then why would I ever think it would get better. But what should I do? What can I do?
"I know." I plainly said to myself as I went to my closet. I decided, why live without my Dad? I mean, I know the others won't do or approve of what I'm going to do, but who cares? I just give up in everything. Life is unfair, and it will always be that way. So, why even bother trying to live any longer?
I opened my closet and reached for the second shelf. I slowly picked up a long rope. I use to use the rope for wall climbing for training Dad usually had us do. But now, I actually have use for this. After I got the rope, I went to my door and locked it. Then, I got my chair. I placed my chair just underneath my ceiling fan, climbed on to the chair, and started to tie some knots. And through all of this, I kept a plain dead face.
"I hope you're waiting for me, Dad." I said as I finished tying the last knot. I put the rope around my neck, and said my final words. "Ludwig, Roy, Morton, Iggy, Wendy, Lemmy, Jr..... I'm sorry. I love you all." Tears were falling from my face again, only this time, they weren't tears of sadness. These were tears of joy. I felt happy to do this. So, after my last words, I kicked the chair back. It fell with a loud bang.
"What was that?! Larry?!" That sounded like Lemmy. I couldn't hear him properly because I was struggling for air. But after a couple of seconds of struggling, I just let it happen. I heard someone trying to open the door, but they were struggling to.
"Larry?! Larry, open the door! Ludwig, Roy, Morton, I think Larry's in trouble!" That's what I heard before the room started to darken. I could see nothing but darkness around me. Just then, I heard three more people come to my door, all of them trying to open my door. Just a few more seconds now. They were too late. My suicide was almost complete.
At that moment, I heard a sound almost like punching coming from the door. I looked over slightly, and found out that Roy broke my door down. I started to close my eyes, and I heard Ludwig's voice, barely able to make out what he said.
"Larry! Larry, what the bloody hell are you doing!? Roy, Morton, help me get him down!" 'Too late.' I thought as the darkness was completely swallowing me whole. The last thing I heard was Morton's faint voice in the distance. "LARRY!" The word echoed in my head as the darkness has completely swallowed me. "I'm sorry." Those were my last words before the world went dark.

*Ludwig's POV*
*2 minutes earlier*

After everyone had left to their rooms, I stayed in the living room by myself. Roy and Morton wanted to stay in with me, but I declined their offer. I just wanted to be alone. After they left, I glanced over to the portraits of Father. I sighed. Then I started to go to the kitchen to make myself some tea and cookies. Father's favorite. I put the tea in the microwave for 2:15. Just like Father used to do.
While waiting for the tea to get done, my mind wandered into space, remembering the last time I spent time with Father....
'Cmon, Father. Let me stay with you for the night.' 'No, son. I told you, I'm fine. Im just tired.' 'Are you sure? Because I can cancel everything to help you and take care of you.' 'No, Ludwig. I told you, I'm fine.' 'Alright. Well, call me if you need anything. And I mean, anything, okay?' 'Okay, son.' 'I-I love you, Dad.' 'I love you too, son.'
After waiting for 2 minutes, the microwave dinged, and it knocked me back into reality. The tea was done. I took it out to check the temperature. Hot. Just how Father liked it. I sniffled and wiped my eyes, not wanting to cry again. I grabbed the cookies and tea, and set them on the table in the living room. I sat on Father's chair and made myself comfortable.
I was about to take a bite out of a cookie, when I heard Lemmy's voice upstairs. It sounded like he was telling at Larry. I thought nothing of it at first, because I thought they were just fighting like siblings should be. But when I heard that last sentence, I knew I couldn't have been more wrong.
"Ludwig, Roy, Morton, I think Larry's in trouble!" After hearing that, I bolted out of the chair, knocking the tea and cookies over and braking the plate and cup in the process. Not caring for the broken glass on the floor, I ran through the living room, stepping on glass as I went through. But at that moment, it felt like I was invincible, because I didn't feel the pain.
After I ran out, I took the secret shortcut only me, Roy, and Morton knew about. I opened a painting and there layed open a secret staircase leading up to the first floor. It took me five seconds to make it upstairs because I skipped five steps at a time. I met up with Roy and Morton at the top.
Together, we ran towards Larry's room. As we were stopping, we saw Lemmy in front of Larry's door. He had a scared look on his face. I leaned my ear onto the door and heard someone choking. I knew it could only be one thing: he was hanging himself.
"Larry's trying to hang himself!" "What!?" Roy exclaimed. We all tried to open the door, but found out it was locked. "Damn it, Larry!" I yelled. "Roy..." "Don't have to tell me twice." Roy said. He made his hand into a fist. He held his fist back, and punched the door down. There, we saw Larry hanging on his ceiling fan with a rope around his neck.
"Larry! Larry, what the bloody hell are you doing!? Roy, Morton, help me get him down!" Together, we ran towards Larry, but when I looked closer at him, I knew we were too late. "LARRY!" Morton yelled at the top of his lungs. Larry had opened his mouth barely, but I managed to read his lips. He was saying, "I'm sorry." Then, his eyes closed.
I jumped up and swiped at the rope. It cut through, and Larry fell, nearly hitting the ground, if it hadn't been for Roy. He caught him just before he hit the floor. I went over to Roy, who was checking Larry's pulse.
"How is he?" I said with a panicky voice. "I-I can't feel his pulse." "What!?" I check for myself. Nothing. "No. No, this can't be.... Larry, what the hell have you done!?" I started to tear up again. For the 5th time today. "Why!? Why would you do this!? WHY, LARRY!? WHY!" I shouted. I looked over at the others. Roy and Morton were hanging there heads in sadness, and Lemmy was still at the doorway, crying. From the corner of my eye, I saw something move away, as if someone was trying not to get noticed.
"Wait, Ludwig. We can take him to Kamek. Maybe he can revive Larry." Morton said. I just looked at him and said, "No, Morton. I don't think Larry would've wanted to be revived." "But..." "Morton, we all have our own way of happiness. And Larry found his way. And I don't think he would've been happy if we tried to make him feel better." I looked at Larry's body, and started to cry again. "Larry, I knew you were upset about Father's death, but....I didn't think that you were this upset that you would kill yourself." I layed my head on his body and continued to cry, with support from my brothers. I knew we would have to tell the others about this, and I also knew it wouldn't be easy.

*Bowser Jr's POV*

I couldn't believe what I saw and heard. Larry....was dead. A couple of minutes ago, I was trying to forget about this day, and then I hear Lemmy call for the older kids. I followed them to see what was wrong, and then I find Larry with a rope around his neck. I knew he committed suicide, and Luddy, Roy, and Morty were trying to save him. But they couldn't.
Luddy almost saw me, but I hid. I was surprised Lemmy didn't see me. But after I saw that, I ran to my room. I slammed my door again, and went to my bed and cried. Again.
"Why!? Why does this keep happening!? Why!? Why!? WHYYYY!?" I buried my face into my pillow and sobbed. This was just too much for me. I couldn't take this anymore. Life was being a big jerk today. After 5 minutes of crying, I raised my face off of the pillow. I got off my bed and went to my mirror next to my bed. I saw my eyes. Red and puffy. I knew they were from crying too much.
I looked closer in the mirror and saw that I wasn't smiling like I used to. And to be honest, I didn't even try to smile. Looking back, I realised that life will always be the same: unfair. I finally understand why Larry had killed himself. He knew that life is unfair. But I wasn't as crazy as him. I didn't want to kill myself because I was scared. But I didn't care for life anymore.
I walked away from the mirror and looked outside my window. I saw all the pretty flowers in our garden, and some more for Daddy's grave. But I didn't think they were pretty anymore. I thought they were ugly and stupid. I walked away to my bed and layed down. When I turned to my right, I saw my little teddy bear I sleep with every night. I grabbed it, got out of the bed, walked to the window, and threw it outside the window. A piranha plant ate my teddy bear, but I didn't care.
I then went back to my bed. As I layed there, I thought about today, and realized that everyday would be like this now that Daddy and Larry are gone. I knew that everything wouldn't get any better, so why even bother enjoying it? I'm just waiting my time enjoying useless things anyway.
As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a knock at my door. I didn't answer it because I knew it had to be Luddy. I just drifted off to sleep, remembering the last time Bowser Jr ever existed.

And done. This was a long chapter to write, and I tried not to cry while writing this story. I am sad I had to kill off Larry, but sacrifices have to be made for a story like this. I am planning to make some more chapters where I focus more on Bowser Jr and what he's going through. I want to use OC's for the cext couple of chapters, but I'll have to think about that. If you enjoyed this chapter, I am free for reviews and suggestions on this story and if I need to make it better. Thank you, and I can't wait for you to read the next chapter (if you made it this far).

Turtle Out
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