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by Norman
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It was a rundown trailer park
It was a rundown trailer park
Across the railroad tracks
He lived beneath a willow tree
Just several houses back

Those trains passed by there all the time
They were a common sight
He never did get used to them
They woke him up each night

The man lived there all by himself
His only friend a cat
He didn’t see the neighbors much
And he was fine with that

The cat would come at suppertime
He didn’t know its name
Its ears had notches cut in them
And it was partly lame

They had a lot in common though
This lone man and the cat
So they would sit upon the steps
And they would have a chat

He didn’t miss the outside world
He was content to hide
He gave up on a normal life
The day his wife had died

But even in that little house
He kept things neat and clean
His army training taught him well
He managed to stay lean

He didn’t have to work at all
His daily needs were few
He had some savings stashed away
Enough to get him through

He didn’t have to travel much
He had no one to see
That was a blessing and a curse
As it turned out to be

For he still had to fill the time
Of each and every day
He needed something he could do
To keep the ghosts at bay

And so he took up macramé
Now you may think that strange
But it was what he needed most
A different life, a change

So now there’s color in his house
With hangings everywhere
Nobody sees them but the man
Nobody else is there

He talked about them to the cat
When they sat down to chat
And since the cat agreed with him
He gave his head a pat

And now you’ll see them all around
His macramé designs
They’re hanging in the trailer park
From lampposts and from signs

The local paper heard of this
Put photos on display
The trailer park is all dressed up
It is no longer gray

The neighbors loved the way things looked
There was a sense of pride
Soon other artists showed their crafts
With talents far and wide

That trailer park has now transformed
It is a place to see
And people come to visit it
This artists’ colony

The man sits with the nameless cat
To watch the trains pass by
As neighbors in the trailer park
Walk past and wave a Hi

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