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Story outline for a contest. Song was written by Marshmello and Demi Lovato.
The God Of Wishes sends out a letter to every family. He would grant two wishes for 5 people, but they had to be teenagers. A girl who loves to be with people (and has anorexia, so she slowly stopped going to events) and a boy who loves to read and believes he likes being alone (he doesn't, but has social anxiety) go on a journey to try and find him. Each child has their respective wish. The girl wishes to be beautiful, the boy wishes that he was beloved by everyone.

On their journey, they encounter many foes, each of which wants the wishes as well. As they continue, they slowly become friends. They become great friends and the girl admits that she wanted to be friends with him since he arrived at her school. He thought no one wanted to talk to him, so the boy is surprised, and he was too nervous to go and talk to her. She had thought that he didn't really like her because he didn't talk to her, and the boy realizes that what stopped him from making friends was how he ignored people because he was scared. So the girl helps the boy meet new people in each town they visit.

The boy ends up noticing that she never eats and tends to faint and becomes worried, so he asks. She tells him the truth and he begins to help her by encouraging her to start small and eat little things. Throughout their journey, they work through each of their problems and when they finally find the God of Wishes, they don't know what to ask.

The girl, who once wanted to be beautiful, felt beautiful once more, and the boy had overcome his fear. So they bow to the Wish God and say they have already fulfilled their wishes, and didn't know what to ask for, so the God of Wishes gives them both one necklace. He tells them that these necklaces would help with what they were most afraid of. The girl's whispered compliments and helped her work through her anorexia, and the boy's whispered encouragements and reminded him that they wouldn't judge him. In the end, they become inseparable friends. As they grow up, the girl becomes a motivational speaker to share her story and help people. The boy becomes a doctor and saves many with his team.

In the end, their wishes were fulfilled by their courage to tell others what was wrong. In the end, their wishes became a reality.
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