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A description of sadness. ASR because it may be upsetting to some.
Drowning under a sea,
Stretching farther than the eye can see,
Sinking so deep nobody see’s your vanishing head,
You try to pull yourself out but the water won’t let you go free,

Sadness is like glitter,
It gets everywhere, and it’s messy,
Sometimes sadness never really goes away,
And the pieces that scatter are many,

Sadness is romanticised,
Just like glitter is,
You may think it’s easy and fine,
But it takes more than it gives,

It’s scratchy and bothersome,
And comes in many varieties,
Silent tears and flatout wailing,
It comes with many anxieties,

Some people never do cry,
Until their stomach aches,
From the feelings pushed down and bottled up,
They are calm and cool until the bottle breaks,

But when it breaks you crumble,
Because everything has multiplied,
And it is, oh, so much worse,
And you feel like you have died,

Losing breath to the tears,
It tends to come at night,
Claws its way up your throat,
Into the faint light,

And sometimes you just can’t afford to cry,
So you shake silently,
Wishing, hoping, someone will come,
And hug you and whisper quietly,

So you repeat your plea,
Over and over again,
Until you fall asleep,
Spared from a nightmare that never ends.
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