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Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2254493
a day at the beach
sitting on a beach
I got sand in my pants
not likin' the feeling
but I'll give this a chance

blinded by the sun
reflected off the sea
but the day's really nice
so bright and sunny

so I continue to sit
on this granular seat
and ponder on things
I can do in the heat

I'll build a sand castle
'till the waves knock it down
then I'll build a tower
from the driftwood I found

I hear a loud squawk
and I look up to see
a seagull right when
he's crappin' on me

the day's gettin' late
the sun startin' to set
but this will be a day
that I'll never forget

Written For: "Promptly Poetry Challenge
Prompt: sitting on a beach on a nice summer day
Line Count: 24
Rhyme Scheme: ABCB
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