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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Dark · #2259777
Pierrot imprisoned for his love of Columbine.
Dark Dreamscapes Round 1 Image Prompt

Poor Pierrot

Young Pierrot benighted
in witch’s wood unsighted,
with twisted trees encircling,
the darkness thick and curdling

He lifts his gaze up to the skies,
crescent moon a-sailing high,
fly pale butterflies, his dreams,
repelled by her so sickly beams.

Mourning now his hapless fate
and lost his love inconsummate,
held in sorcery’s dark trap
in woven spell his mind enwrapped.

The witch in flight observes the fool
her vengeance merciless and cruel
until he rues the evil time
he dared desire her Columbine.

Line count: 16
Rhyming couplets, aabb
For Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest, Round 47 October 2021
Prompt: Illustration #2 Clown entrapped by witch.
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