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Other characters in A Family's Past (which is a dumb title that I will change later)
Dramatis Personae
(Trent Dillman is main character)
Keith Rattenen
Software designer
5’11” tall, sandy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Works out and plays tennis and baseball, so in good shape

Diane Olsen
5’4”tall, white hair, blue eyes, she is a bit overweight, but stays as active as she can. Hands show signs of arthritis

Bernard O’Leary
Retired, but still does some homesteading and farming
Owns property behind Diane (her property was his brothers)
6’1” Large framed, salt and pepper hair, dark eyes (almost black), wide shoulders. Missing little finger on left hand

Betty Marshall
Owns tavern in town where Trent and Keith get stranded
5’3”, portly, sandy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a contagious smile. She walks with a bit of a limp

Liam Feldman
Owns rental shop (snowmobile, sno machines, ATV/UTVs, Boats, personal watercraft
5’8” slightly built, red hair and green eyes, Always smiling and a little on the obnoxious side
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