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ACT 4 - Magical seat cushions fight for their sitter against a growing threat "Pain".
The next day in Room A

"Where are they?" Elyssa says in frustration.

"I hope they're okay." Claudia says with a concern look on her face.

"Or she is running late because she can't drop the video games." Elyssa rolls her eyes.

Shi and On are on top of the examination bed. Shi's fiddling around with an tablet looking device that seems to not be from this planet. On counts his snacks he has laid out of the examination bed. The device starts to ring.

"It's the Queen." says Shi. "We will fill Cus and Sitter Chloe later."

The group huddles around the device

A hologram projects from the futuristic device.

"My Queen. I have important information regarding the Pains on Earth." Shi addresses her.

"I trust you and your brothers are making yourself useful. As you wanted." replies the Queen.

"We have. But it has been brought to my attention that the Pains are increasing in numbers. Crankies too. My brothers and I aren't enough. I request you send more Cushions."

"That is a heavy request young Shi. Tell me why I should risk me peoples lives to save Earth? They know what attracts their Pains. Yet refuse to stop their habits." The Queen is firm.

"Fair point my Queen. The people here have lots to learn. But we can make a difference. Help them improve their quality of life." rebuts Shi.

"You boys have been sent there because you wanted to be useful. Not everyone here cares to be as useful as you three." The Queen states. "I deny your request Cushion Shi."

"Wait!" Blurts out Claudia. "There is incentive for your people too. The Cushions get stronger! When we sit on them for long periods of time. They get more magical energy."

The Queen looks intrigued. "Very well. I will send a fleet of my best cushions. In trust that you find them suitable Sitters."

"Thank you." The doctor says.

The hologram vanishes.

"She isn't the nicest Queen." Elyssa comments.

"Our last Queen was so much nicer. She would always play with me. I miss her." On gets sad.

"Let's refocus shall we. We need to discover where these Pains are coming from. They must be hiding somewhere." Shi takes control.

The door slams open. And Chloe comes running into Room A. Cus strap to her back.

"He's gone! My dad! I can't find him." Chloe cries.

"Missing... another missing person this week." The detective mutters.

Cus joins his brothers on the examination table.

"He left these behind." Cus raises up a medicine container filled with pain relivers.

"That's the medicine I prescribed him. He is suppose to take it daily." Dr. Toast mentions.

"My thought is that he turned into a Crankie again." Cus assumes. "But I'm not sure where he would go.

"Can they do that?" questions Elyssa.

"If they don't take care of their health and let their aches and soreness get better. Then it is possible." Shi notes.

"I hope the Queens send the cushions soon." Claudia says.

"You spoke to the Queen without me Shi?" Cus is upset. "You know how I feel about her."

"He had no choice Cus." On tries to defuse the tension. "Thanks to Sitter Claudia we are getting back up to beat down the bad guys."

"Is that so. Then we are going to need lots of Sitters." Cus puts his emotions to the side.

"I have a huge audience! I can get Sitters like it's no ones business." Chloe boasts.

" And I'll see what I can do on my end. Check the cities video surveillance and see if I can get any leads on Tony." Assures the detective.

"Until then, On and I will make sure my patients leave with the proper knowledge needed to protect themselves." Dr. Toast says.

"Let's meet back up in a few days. And remember. If anybody is in danger. Rush back to Sitter Toast doctor office. According to Shi calculations. Pains won't step near this place." Cus announces.

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