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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2261900
ACT 6 - Magical seat cushions fight for their sitter against a growing threat "Pain".
Back at the Police Station

"That's him!" The detective jumps out of her seat in excitement. Allowing Shi to expand to his original shape. "He is headed towards the abandon stadium downtown!"

Shi peeps up to see the footage. "He is not standing very straight. What's with that hunch?" she continues. "He's been hijacked by the Pains. Once they wrap around your spine they can control your body."

Elyssa's eye get larger in concern. "How come Tony hasn't turned into a Crankiee again?"

"Simply. There isn't enough Pain circling his body yet. They are stronger in numbers." Shi adds.

The detective puts her gun in her holster. "I bet you all our answers are at Santa Stadium." she says determinedly.


In the East Train

"We are experiencing minor difficulties. Please remain seated while we resolve the problem." apologizes the train conductor over the intercom.

The tension remains high as Claudia leans as far away from the tall man as possible.

He awkwardly gets up from his seat. "I know your little secret." he claims. "and my friends here know too." The large hunched over man slides the door open to their cabin. Two Pains fly in.

The doctor slowly close her laptop and presses it against her chest, as her legs shake, she slowly rises from her seat.

The creepy tall man tries to wrestle her laptop out of her hands. Then, leaping into action On uppercuts the tall dangerous man, causing him to stumble back. Giving Claudia an opportunity to crawl between his legs and out to the trains hallway. She runs up through the passage while the two purple pains chase after her.

On and the tall man trade blows in the cabin.

Claudia sees an exit that was left open by the trains maintenance man, leading to the tracks.

The tall man overpowers On. Giving him a chance to crawl out the window and towards Claudia.

She trips over the tracks as she see's the three enemy's head towards her.

"Hand over the laptop." The tall man demands.

"Why is my laptop so important to you?" she replies.

"We know who you are Doctor. Trying to put a stop to us will be the stupidest decision of your life!" He yells as the two other Pains enter his spine. Transforming him to the purple dog like creature known as a Crankie.

The head lights of the train turn on. The engineers have managed to fix the issue.

As the train begins to move towards them Dr. Toast is frozen in fear. Before the train can run her over On manages to get her out of the way. Consequently she drops her laptop. Distracting the Crankie and causing it and the laptop to be crushed by the moving train.

"That was a close one." On comments.

"If the Pains know about us. That means we are one step behind." The Dr. Toast comments. "We must get to Dr. Holly immediately."

"What about your laptop Sitter Claudia?"

"What is done is done. No point in crying over spilled milk right On." she says optimistically. "I get a feeling my collogue is going to show me something that will trump me research."

She strap her little green cushion around her waste like a fanny pack. "We aren't very far."

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