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A little volunteer work history [DWG: Write With Might Contest, Dec. '21]
Thankful giving

There's a story I can tell about that special season many of us celebrate on the 4th Thursday of November: the holiday of Thanksgiving. A number of years ago, I volunteered with Food Bank of the Rockies to deliver holiday meals to families who may not have been able to afford all the "fixin's" for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The families were nominated by friends, family, neighbors, church members, etc.; I'm sure you've heard of similar programs. I have no idea what kind of selection process, if any, was involved; I was just happy to be a delivery guy for a lot of tasty-looking food.

As I recall, I delivered around five meals boxes (all that would fit into my Mercury Topaz). Each contained a turkey, a small box of instant mashed potatoes, some cans of yams and cranberry jelly - apparently, not everyone likes cranberry sauce - and, of course, a pumpkin pie. There were a lot of thankful people involved in the whole process: the organizers, because they had volunteers to get the job done; the recipients, because they would be assured at least one good meal for the holiday; and the volunteers themselves, for getting to be part of the process (me, for sure anyway, but presumably the others, too).

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