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by Norman
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That G&B Road Service might just be what you need.
Yeah, Goober is his nickname.
His mother named him Joe.
Nobody calls him Joe, of course,
nobody that I know.

He lives up on the hillside,
just there, southwest of town.
But you will see his business truck
here, there and all around.

He has a tow-truck service
with Booger, his best friend.
Yeah, Booger is a family name,
a name he will defend.

They’re rough around the edges.
(Well, maybe through and through.)
But if your car needs to be towed,
they’ll be right there for you.

That G&B Road Service
might be just what you need.
When you are stuck out on that road,
you’ll need some help, indeed.

And they’re the only service;
the others have shut down.
So G&B‘s the only tow
you’ll find in this old town.

I wouldn’t get concerned now,
but take some wise advice.
Yeah, just because they chew and spit,
that’s not their only vice.

So if you ever breakdown,
I hope it’s not at night.
The sight of those two in the dark
can cause an awful fright.

Just one more thing to warn you,
if my car did get stuck,
I’d take an Uber back to town
and stay out of that truck.

‘Cause that cab smell could kill you,
it really is that mean.
These guys are good at towing cars
but not too good at clean.

And when they ask for payment,
be sure to pay up fast.
‘cause if you hang them out to dry,
that tow could be your last.

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