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A nonsense adventure in a garden.
In the Garden, Tranquil-eyed

In the garden, tranquil-eyed, I step the light polyester over the beds of green gardenias. The summer sun casts circles upon the brazen lawn and bumble gnats hum a dispassionate song. In the shoe tree orchard, branches bear the fruits of others’ labours, the sky smiling upon the scene with random beans.

I spied a fur-lined couch in the dandelion collection and lay down full stretch and upside down. As the song of butterflies echoed in the trees, my eyes closed and the world drifted off to sleep. It snored and I nudged it awake with a jab of my elbow.

Having restored normality, I rose and joined the horsefly hunt that two water wings and a luckless penny had organised as entertainment. Together and separately, we hurried into the jungle of grass stems that littered the lawn. Maximilian the cat yelled encouragement from the fence.

It was the penny that found the horsefly and she climbed on its back and rode away. I muttered in my dizziness and hailed a passing garden gnome. He refused my proffered payment but carried me back to the couch, which was now occupied by a family of hedgehogs. A prickly situation, thought I, but they made a space and I was able to sit down, only suffering minor punctures.

The afternoon passed by slowly. Which was no surprise since the union had declared a work-to-rule that day. My thoughts reflected on the dreams of vagrant clouds and onion rings. Five o’clock came but had to hurry off as it was late. I wondered when breakfast would be served.

Prompt: Using one of the following prompts, write 250-750 words of a nonsense story about a day you spent at a: zoo, circus, garden, or haunted forest.

For examples of what I mean by "utter nonsense," read several entries in "My Day" . Here are two. "Sleeping like a log..." and "Burger King" I'm looking for that sort of nonsense about how your day at one of the above locations went.

Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest

Word Count: 269
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