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not your generic superhero story. heavily inspired by kid cosmic. to be updated later
I was never normal, per se. I was always a little different. Everyone said that about me. Not that I wanted to be different, I was just born that way. I'm an undiagnosed neurodivergent teenager. But that doesn't matter, does it? Why should it? We're all the same at the end of the day. Anyone could do what I did. What DID I do? Glad you asked.

"Come on, Scotty!" Sammy yelled. "I'm right here!" Scott replied, angrily.
The group of friends raced to be the first one to the cave. "Should we really be doing this? It feels, like, really illegal!" Sour yelped, slowing down.
"What, scared?" Sammy teased. "No!" Sour was always competitive, it was in their nature. They sped up, surpassing Sammy, who was evidently annoyed.
They all stopped to stare at the large cave in front of them when Scott spoke up. "Hey, what's that?" Ze pointed to several sparkling gemstones inside the cave.
Sunny, without hesitation, ran forward and grabbed them. "Mine, that's what!" Xe shouted triumphantly. Xe suddenly fell to xer knees, the gemstones in xer clutch emitting a blinding glow.
Xe dropped all but one of them, which was orange and oddly shaped. Sour rushed over to xem. "Sun! Are you okay?" Sunny didn't respond.
Xer eyes glowed a pale orange and xe started to float. Sour backed up quickly and they all stared at Sunny. The orange color faded from xer eyes as xe rose higher. When xe came to xer senses, xe flung the gem away from xer and fell to the ground.
Scott cleared zeir throat. "If I'm not mistaken, I think those gemstones give you... superpowers." Sammy scoffed. "Nah, I think you're fucking with us. Clearly, that was just a one-time fuckup." Scott picked up a purplish gem. Zeir eyes opened wide, and their pupils turned to slits. Reddish cat ears poked out of zeir hair and zeir nails grew into claws.
"Woah! Catboy stone!" Sammy exclaimed, flapping nis hands wildly. "No, not catboy stone! I hate catboys!" Scott yelled, throwing the stone to the floor. It bounced back and hit zem in the face, "Ow! Hell!" Ze picked up the stone and shoved it in their pocket.
It seemed the gems, after showing their powers, would cease working until the user wanted them to, and were bound to the user. Sunny held up the orange gem xe had. "Hey, this one looks kind of bird-shaped. Like, a side view of a bird flying." Sour walked over. "Yeah, it does. I wonder if Scott's has a weird shape." Ze pulled the stone out. It looked somewhat like a simple cat's head. "Huh."
Sammy rushed over to the remaining gemstones and picked up a diamond-shaped one. Suddenly, ne grew tremendously and bonked nis head on the top of the cave. "Ow! Fuck a duck, that hurt!!" Ne dropped the stone and shrunk back to normal size. Ne rubbed nis head, then picked up the gem. "I guess the diamond symbolizes arrows pointing up and down? I can probably shrink too." Ne shrugged and put the gem in nis pocket.
Sour went and picked up a brown stone. There was a flash of light, and in Sour's place was a yellow dog holding a gem in its mouth. Actually, that was Sour. They shifted back into a human and put the gem in their purse. "So we know that these are magic gemstones, but there's one left. Clearly we each can only have one, so who gets the last gem?" Scott picked it up, and nothing happened, presumably because ze already had a gem. Sammy shook their head back and forth. "Ummm... I have a reeeally smart bird, maybe he can have the last stone!" Ne shifted nis weight onto one of nis legs, then the other, in rapid succession. "Are you actually joking right now? I can't tell." Scott said, deadpan. "NO, I'm not fucking joking!!! Craig gets the last stone and that's final!" Ne swung nis fists up and down. "If this is some destiny thing and we're supposed to be a superhero team, the world is absolutely fucked." Scott sighed.

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