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Daily Flash Fiction Challenge - July 2022
300 Word Count

By all rights, Humphrey, the camel, an observer, took a walk in the desert. It was very hot. To quench his thirst, he needed some water. Then, a mirage appeared before his eyes. Speaking directly to him, the mirage said that he would be getting a telegram inviting him to an event that would put him, Humphrey, the camel, on the billboards. He would be known as a camel with two humps of courage. One for the kindness he brought to others, and the second one reserved a free ride to an oasis filled with refreshing water, good spirits, and an abundance of healing.

Humphrey didn't quite know what to make of this, but, everyone wanted to be his friend, because his excitement was contaigous. On this particular day, April 1, 2051, twenty-nine years into the future, he developed pain in both his humps. Under his breath he said, "I don't understand it, even though 2051 wasn't here yet, my humps have always been fine. What does this all mean? One hump was being unkind, while the other one would no longer reserve free rides to the oasis. The good spirits ended up being bad, and an abundance of healing would no longer be.

The conflict was between kindness versus unkindness, and good versus bad spirits. The conflict was resolved when the bad spirits were blasted out of one hump. The world was refreshed with humanitarianism and good will. Free rides to the oasis for refreshing water and an abundance of healing was resumed. Humphrey, the camel didn't have to experience any more pain, now he could be more relaxed and content. He was no longer fooled on April Fools Day. Making others well and happy was a victory that gave him great joy. What the mirage foresaw, happened.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, July 29, 2022
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