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Enjoying the little things in life
“We have to stop them.” Mrs. P exclaimed.
“Why?” Mr. P responded.
“It’s passed midnight! What if something happens?”
Mr. P shook his head.
“All that is going to happen is our son losing a couple of hours of sleep.”
“He’s just enjoying his summer nights with his friends. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t worry so much.”
Mrs. P. looked forward and watched as her son ran and jumped into the lake with his friends. She could hear laughter and cries of glee.
“I say we take advantage of this and do the same.”
Mrs. P stared at her husband confused. He went into the kitchen and returned with a wine bottle and two glasses.
“It’s time to enjoy our night.” Mr. P announced as he poured red wine into the glasses. Mrs. P smiled taking his cue and turned the music on. The lights went low. Mr. P reached out for his wife’s hand, embraced each other and danced, reminiscing the time they first met.
“Over twenty-five years together and still going strong.” Mr. P said.
“The best years of my life.” Mrs. P replied as she kissed her husband. They continued to dance and drink until the sun rose up into the sky.

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